What can the air purifier clean?

What can the air purifier clean?

In recent years, people talked about the “smog” discoloration, and most people in the haze day must be fully armed, and masks have become a necessity. The outdoor smog is serious. People always think that reducing the window opening will prevent the smog from running into the room, and it will keep the clean air in the room. As everyone knows, there is actually air pollution in the room.

The smog in the autumn and winter seasons has increased, and people have reduced the ventilation time for the window opening. The long-term confined space makes the harmful substances such as formaldehyde released from the indoor decoration building materials unable to be discharged in time; the harmful substances such as carbon dioxide, dust, and dander in the air increase, the oxygen are reduced, and the health is endangered.

At this time, some families will choose an air purifier. For air purifiers, everyone is not unfamiliar, but many families still do not understand the use of air purifiers. Because most people only know that the air purifier can effectively purify the air, it is not clear what kind of effect the air purifies.

(1) Purifying formaldehyde

Various artificial boards (planing boards, fiberboards, plywood, etc.) in furniture contain formaldehyde, and therefore, if a sheet of the inferior binder is used, the formaldehyde content is higher. The air purifier can effectively remove this formaldehyde, and you can also clean the air.

(ii) Benzene

Benzene is produced in various adhesives, waterproof materials, paints, and paints. Long-term inhalation can cause diseases such as blood cancer, aplastic anemia, and fetal malformation. Air purifiers can effectively remove these benzenes.

(3) Dust

Fine particles of solid matter from dust, which is highly affected by the quality of the air inhaled by the human body. The dust can be cleaned by the treatment of the air purifier to obtain clean air.

(iv) Smoke

Unlike dust, smoke is a small particle formed by the burning of objects. These particles can be suspended in the air and maybe poisonous due to the difference in combustion materials. In order to purify indoor air pollution, it is very important to deal with indoor air smoke.

(v) Smoke

There is a certain difference between smoke and smoke, but the degree of difference is not very obvious. The burning particles are formed by sublimation, condensation, and oxidation, which is very harmful to the human respiratory tract, so it needs to be treated with an air purifier.

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