What is the meaning of the air purifier entering the campus?

What is the meaning of the air purifier entering the campus?

Recently, the Beijing Municipal Committee and the Municipal Education Commission have reported on the unified installation of air purifier research programs in primary and secondary schools and kindergarten classrooms. According to Beijing media reports, the Beijing Municipal Government is organizing the revision of the emergency plan for heavy air pollution and does not rule out the possibility of uniformly purifying air purifiers in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens throughout Beijing. This initiative of the Beijing Municipal Government has aroused widespread concern throughout the country. Cities with more serious air pollution such as Shijiazhuang, Shanghai, and Tianjin have also begun to produce the voice of “equal installation of top 5 best air purifiers for primary and secondary schools and kindergartens”.
As a kind of product specially developed to solve the indoor pollution problem, the air purifier has been studied since the arrival of the electrical era. In 1930, Aijisen Technology of Germany officially announced the birth of the world’s first medical-grade air purifier, marking the arrival of the practical use of air purifiers. In the 1980s, the breakthrough of electronic technology made the air purifiers begin to develop into miniaturization and began to enter the homes of ordinary people. In Europe and the United States, air purifiers have become the ubiquitous appliances in everyday life like air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines. In China, the air purifier industry is just getting started.
According to the international research data of top 5 best air purifiers, the penetration rate of air purifiers in developed countries such as Germany, France, and the United Kingdom has reached more than 40%, and the penetration rate in Spain, Italy, Greece, and other countries has exceeded 30%. At around 38%. In Asia, the highest penetration rate in Korea is over 80%, the second in Singapore is 45%, and the greener level in Japan is close to 30%. However, the penetration rate of air purifiers in China in 2015 was less than 2%.
It is undeniable that in recent years, China’s air purifier industry has developed rapidly, and both online sales and offline sales have shown a gratifying growth. But we also have to see that due to the large population base, the late start of the industry, and the lack of understanding of the air purifier by most consumers, the development of the air purifier industry is not as rapid as expected. Although in theory, to maintain the current growth rate, China will reach the level of the Japanese market around 2030. However, reality is not to do math problems. More and more serious air pollution will endanger the health and safety of countless people, especially children.
From the surface point of view, the “air purifiers enter the campus” is a response measure made by the Beijing Municipal Government to protect the health and safety of children in the case of increasing air pollution. Through this measure, the harm of air pollution to the health and safety of primary and secondary school students and kindergarten children can be effectively reduced, so that children can grow up healthily. From a deeper level, this is also an air purifier universal education. Through the “air purifier into the campus”, the whole society can effectively see the purification effect of the air purifier on the polluted air, understand and accept the air purifier products, and promote the development of the market.

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