What are the drawbacks of installing a water purifier at home? Advantages and disadvantages of water purifier

What are the drawbacks of installing a water purifier at home? Advantages and disadvantages of

water purifier

The tap water that is usually consumed is subject to secondary pollution. Whether it is a new one or not, secondary pollution cannot be avoided, so the water purifier slowly begins to become a must for drinking water. Do you need to install a water purifier at home? What are the drawbacks of installing a top-rated water purifier at home?

Do you need to install a water purifier?

1. Look: Use a glass with a high transparency to fill a glass of water, and look at the light to see if there are any fine substances suspended in the water.

2. Smell: Use a glass to pick up a glass of water as far as possible from the faucet, then smell it with your nose and see if it has the taste of bleach.

3. Taste: Drink boiled water and taste the presence or absence of bleach.

4. View: Use tap water to make tea. After the night, observe whether the tea is black. If the tea turns black, it means that the iron and manganese in the tap water are seriously exceeded.

5. Check: Check the water heater at home, open the kettle, and whether there is a layer of yellow scale on the inner wall. Water with too high hardness can easily cause scaling of the water heater pipe, which is caused by poor heat exchange; long-term consumption of water with too high hardness is easy to cause various stone diseases.

Benefits of installing a hot sale water purifier

1. Solve the secondary pollution of tap water

After the tap water is disinfected by chlorine gas, it can kill viruses and bacteria, but it cannot remove heavy metals and volatile substances.

2. A better alternative to bottled water

A barrel of water is about 8 to 16 yuan, the cost is high, and the shelf life of the bottled water is short. It is open after being connected with the water dispenser and is easily contaminated by pollutants in the air.

3. Unlike bottled water, which is extremely expensive

Bottled water costs are high, and it is clean water, lacking trace elements and minerals. Long-term drinking is not suitable for human health, and its effect may not be like a water purifier.

4. Meet the standard of raw drinks, the cost is lower

Type of household water purifier

1. Household pipeline ultrafiltration water purifier

Advantages: easy to install, no space, large amount of water, of which the ultrafiltration water purifier can be installed in the main water pipe, the whole house can be purified with water. And no need to receive electricity, it can be used after installation.

Disadvantages: The single-cylinder filter water purifier cannot guarantee the filtration effect, and it is not suitable for direct drinking.

Suitable for: households with large kitchen water needs for kitchen cooking, fort soup, and washing vegetables.

2.RO reverse osmosis water purifier – pure water machine

Advantages: It adopts box design and wall-mounted installation, which is beautiful and high-grade. The filtering function is stronger than the pipeline water purifier. It has 4 or 5 or more filter elements for filtering. The filtration is more thorough, and the impurities and various pollutions in the water can be completely removed. The filtration can reach the nanometer level.

Disadvantages: It needs to consume a certain amount of electric energy, occupying more space, more waste water, and less water.

Suitable for: families who are pursuing high-quality life and strong health awareness.

3. Household net drink one water purifier

Advantages: no need to install, easy to move and relocate, can be directly consumed. The lower half of the water purifier is a water dispenser with its own heating and cooling function.

Disadvantages: It is only suitable for family drinking. It is not suitable for household use. It needs to be added manually.

Suitable for: the water quality of the kitchen is not high, only the family with high drinking water quality.

4. Faucet small water purifier

Advantages: Small size, light weight; easy to install; cheap.

Disadvantages: Only filter impurities such as sediment and heavy metals in tap water, which need to be cleaned frequently.

Suitable for: For families who are renting out (not for long-term use), they are easy to disassemble and take away at any time.

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Is the water purifier useful? Xiaobian to tell you

Is water purifier useful? Xiaobian to tell you

As the saying goes: People take food as the sky, food as the water, and water as the net.
To this end, many families have installed top home water purifiers to protect their family’s drinking water. However, some people believe that the tap water in the home is qualified by the water treatment plant. If the top 10 best water purifier is installed, it is a kind of repeated investment, which is unnecessary consumption.

First of all, let’s first understand the channels through which tap water may be polluted after leaving the factory.
The first is the water pipe network. The tap water is delivered to the user after long-distance transportation through the water supply network. However, for a long-term tap water pipeline, after a long period of use, it will inevitably cause aging corrosion problems, which will have a great impact on the water quality of the tap water, causing yellowing, sediment, rust and other pollution in the water quality of the user’s home. problem.
This is followed by pollution from secondary water towers and water tanks. If the water tanks of some high-rise communities are not cleaned for a long time, a large number of pollutants will be stored. Long-term accumulation will lead to heavy pollution of tap water, and the tap water delivered to each household will not meet the standard of direct drinking.
Speaking of this, the following small series teaches you a few simple ways to identify the water quality at home.

Identify the water quality at home
1, look at the water
Fill the water with a glass with high transparency, and see if there are suspended impurities and precipitated impurities in the water against the light. If there are impurities in the water, it means that the water quality is too bad to meet the drinking standard.

2, smell the water
After picking up the water in a glass, smell it. If you can smell the bleaching powder (chlorine), it means that the residual chlorine in the tap water is excessive.

3, taste the water
Tasting the boiled water, the taste of the mouth is awkward, indicating that the hardness of the water is too high.

4, look at the kettle
Look at the commonly used kettle in the house, is there a layer of yellow scale on the inner wall? If there is a description that the hardness of the water is too high (the calcium and magnesium salts are too high).

5, the water has a sticky feeling and is greasy
If the water body is found to have a certain viscosity, the specific performance is that there is a hanging wire when the faucet is closed, the chopsticks can be drawn, and the hand feels slippery when washing hands, indicating that the water body may be contaminated by organic matter.

The quality of water in daily life can be distinguished by the above five methods. What if there is pollution? Can the water purifier be solved? I believe that many people have a little knowledge of the water purifier.

Is there any use of water purifier?
The working principle of the water purifier is to purify the water layer by various levels of filter elements (such as PP cotton, activated carbon, reverse osmosis membrane, etc.) to achieve the purpose of removing impurities.
The water purifier is useless, there is a way to judge, according to the following four steps, you can intuitively feel the role of the water purifier.
1, observe the filter
When you change the filter, you will understand how much harmful substance it has helped you with;

2, sewage treatment
When you see if the discharged sewage is as clean as tap water, you will understand whether the water purifier is useful;

3, fan sound method
Take a glass of tap water and a cup of purified water and smell if there is any residual chlorine or other odors;

4, observe the faucet
After installing the water purifier, observe whether there are any foreign objects such as sediment and rust in the faucet.

Why do you need to change the filter regularly?
The filter element of the water purifier is like the “kidney” of the human body. The water quality of the water purifier does not depend on the quality of the filter element but also depends on whether the filter element is replaced in time. If the filter element is not replaced for a long time, it will cause water blockage, not only the water will become smaller, but the filtration effect will also change. Weak, so that the water passing through the water purifier will not be well purified, and the purity will naturally decrease.

It is worth noting that due to a large number of bacterial impurities in the filter element, the tap water will be subject to secondary pollution, resulting in water that is dirtier than the original tap water. Therefore, users must develop a good habit of regularly changing the filter.

Enjoy a happy life, health is fundamental
Whether it is water pipe aging or secondary water supply, etc.
Water pollution hazards emerge endlessly
In order to keep your family safe from drinking water
It’s time to install a water purifier!

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Why can an air purifier remove formaldehyde?

Why can an air purifier remove formaldehyde?

It is reported that the World Health Organization has already identified formaldehyde as a class of carcinogens, and a cancer event such as leukemia caused by formaldehyde poisoning is strong evidence for this conclusion! With the frequent occurrence of formaldehyde poisoning, our fear of formaldehyde can be said to be deep into the bone marrow. Therefore, in order to control formaldehyde and improve indoor air quality, most households will choose an air purifier to remove formaldehyde, then the air purifier can In addition to formaldehyde? What is the way to remove formaldehyde?
As we all know, the purification ability of the air purifier is mainly reflected by the filter screen. Under normal circumstances, the filter screen of the air purifier is roughly divided into a primary effect filter, a HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter. The primary filter and the HEPA filter are not mentioned for the time being. The activated carbon filter is the filter used to remove formaldehyde. Of course, the composite filter is the same. It relies on the activated carbon inside to absorb formaldehyde!

The principle of activated carbon adsorption of formaldehyde is to rely on its own developed pore structure and surface area, can contact the surrounding air to a large extent, passively adsorb some pollutants into its own pores, so the larger the surface of activated carbon, the more the pore structure The stronger the developed adsorption capacity. However, activated carbon has a fatal disadvantage, that is, the dust holding capacity is too small. Under normal circumstances, the activated carbon will reach saturation in about 15 days, and then secondary pollution will occur. The volatilization period of formaldehyde can be up to 15 years, which means that we need to replace the activated carbon filter frequently, which not only increases the cost of use but also causes negligence, which will cause irreversible consequences. The air purifier of the activated carbon filter to remove formaldehyde is not reliable!
So why do many people think that air purifiers can remove formaldehyde? This is because, unlike traditional air purifiers, there are a number of brands with advanced technology and excellent quality, such as the Olansi air purifier. In order to solve the drawbacks of activated carbon filters, a new type of nano-mineral filter is adopted. The pores of the nano-mineral crystals are nano-scale, and the pores have polar characteristics and have strong adsorption effects on nano-scale molecular-sized polar gas compounds. Be aware that indoor gas pollutants such as formaldehyde are polar gas compounds!

In addition, the pore surface area of ​​the nano-mineral crystal is 6-9 times that of ordinary activated carbon, which directly increases the contact area with formaldehyde, in other words, the efficiency of adsorbing formaldehyde is increased by 6-9 times, the adsorption rate is faster, and Due to the large pore area, the dust holding capacity is far greater than that of ordinary activated carbon. In order to better control formaldehyde, the Olansi air purifier has also developed MSD formaldehyde decomposition technology, which will decompose formaldehyde into carbon dioxide and water while completely adsorbing formaldehyde, completely eliminating secondary pollution.

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Is the air purifier effective? Is the air purifier useful?

Is the air purifier effective? Is the air purifier useful?

Is the air purifier effective? Although air purifiers are so popular, they are so popular among consumers, but they still cause suspicion of bad people. The main function of air purifiers is to effectively improve the cleanliness of the air. Then the following small series will lead everyone to understand.

Is the air purifier effective?

The home air purifier has a certain purifying effect on air impurities, but it does not have the ability to completely purify, because it can not circulate the air in the whole room, such as two rooms and one hall, and can only circulate air in one space for purification.

For example, when someone passes by, they will feel the wind caused by the air flow. If two people are far away, they will not feel the wind.

The air purifier can only make local air flow, so it can only be partially cleaned. Therefore, airborne impurities such as particulate matter (such as PM2.5) and decoration contaminants (such as formaldehyde) in the air cannot be completely removed.

Then, in the range where the household air purifier can be purified, can air impurities be solved? The air purifier can solve the particulate matter of 0.3 micron and above in the air, but it cannot solve the decoration pollutants in the air.

The direct reason is that the purification speed of most air purifiers is less than the volatilization speed of the decoration pollution source. The fundamental reason is that the air purifier does not solve the volatilization source of gaseous decoration pollutants.

Is the air purifier useful?

For all new houses, formaldehyde will be produced after renovation. Many users know that the newly renovated houses cannot be checked in immediately. They must be ventilated for a long time to stay. If you want to stay in a new house in a short time. In fact, at this time you can consider putting an air purifier in the newly renovated house, so that the harmful gases such as formaldehyde in the new house can be quickly cleaned.

In fact, many people are now useful for air purifiers. There is a certain question in this question. The air purifier is mainly composed of a motor, a fan, and an air filter. When working, the motor and fan in the machine. The air in the room will flow, and the polluted air will be sucked into the machine, and the various contaminated areas in the air will be removed by the air filter inside the machine. Nowadays, there are many new air purifiers that use a negative ion generator in the outlet of the air purifier. It can continuously ionize the air and eventually produce a large amount of negative ions, which are then sent out to the machine through the fan. Achieve clean and clean air.

The general validity period of an air purifier is about 12 months or a year, but the expiration date after opening is greatly reduced to about 3 to 6 months. The air purification product of the activated carbon adsorption function in the air purifier is very effective in a short period of time, but since the activated carbon needs to be replaced every two months or so, the cost will be high if used for a long time. Therefore, when selecting an air purifier, you should consider what kind of air purifier your family needs, which is cost-effective.

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Do you know the misunderstanding of using an air purifier?

Do you know the misunderstanding of using an air purifier?

“The necessity and importance of replacing the filter”
Whether you understand it or not, you should revisit this knowledge!
What happens when the filter is not replaced in time?

Affect air purification

According to the actual local air quality and combined with the composite filter replacement prompt on the machine, the composite filter produced after May 2017 has a replacement cycle of 3168 hours. When the composite filter has expired, the top 5 air purifier will remain at Running in 1st gear will not force shutdown until the filter is replaced.

However, if the composite filter is not replaced in time, the air purification effect will not be guaranteed.

Make odor into the fuselage

The filter and the purifier itself do not produce any odor. The main reason for the odor is that all the odor particles in the air will be adsorbed on the filter screen. When a variety of different odors are piled up, different kinds of odors will be mixed. The taste is what we commonly call the odor.

When the filter’s activated carbon is saturated with filtration, the odor particles adhere directly to the white high-efficiency filter (commonly known as the HEPA filter). At this time you need to replace the filter in time!

When the HEPA filter produces an odor and does not change the filter in time, the odor particles that the filter cannot adhere to are directly sucked into the inner air duct of the purifier and adhere to the surface of the plastic, even if a new filter is replaced. The net still produces odors.

The new filter can be replaced and turned on in another space and the maximum wind speed is blown for a while. If the pollution is serious, you need to carry out after-sales maintenance disassembly cleaning!
Reduce the interception effect

The blocked filter not only reduces the output of clean air but also greatly reduces the interception effect of pollutants in the air, resulting in a greatly reduced air purification effect. People living indoors inhale the unclean air, which is equivalent to letting themselves The lung acts as an “air purifier.”

Therefore, the blocked filter should be inspected and replaced in time!

Lead to secondary pollution

The traditional air purifier adopts the purifying mode of fan exhaust + filter filtering. Once the filter is saturated and not replaced in time, the microorganisms intercepted by the filter and the bacteria and viruses raised by the filter will be blown back into the room by the fan, resulting in two Secondary pollutions.

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Detailed steps, how to clean and maintain the air purifier?

Detailed steps, how to clean and maintain the air purifier?

With the air quality going on, more and more families are starting to use top 5 best air purifiers. However, unlike ordinary household appliances, air cleaning requires regular cleaning and maintenance, otherwise it will affect the machine and health:

For example, the damage filter and the life of the machine itself can be used for one year. If the maintenance is not paid attention to, it may be scrapped in half a year;

In addition, the purification efficiency will be greatly reduced, so it must be scientifically used, pay attention to maintenance ~

What is the use of science?

Use in a dry environment

In a humid environment, it is easy to breed bacteria; secondly, floating water mist will be detected as harmful particles, increasing the net working pressure.

Many people opened the humidifier at the same time as they had a good night’s sleep. As a result, the net was full of horsepower and screaming, but they couldn’t sleep.


In order to facilitate the room to walk, put the empty net in the corner; worry about the formaldehyde emitted by the furniture, empty and directly placed on the side?

In fact, this will only hinder the circulation of airflow into the wind and the wind, and reduce the rate of air renewal.

The best position is of course placed in the middle of the house. I really worry about getting in the way of my feet. At least I have to leave the wall more than 1m away.

How to properly maintain and maintain?

External maintenance of the chassis

Empty nets After a long period of use, the chassis must be attached with dust. Pay special attention to the dirt near the sensor, because they will affect its sensitivity, and let some harmful substances gradually become the “fish of the net!”

The sensor is often narrower and needs to be cleaned with a soft brush before it is wiped clean with a dry cotton swab. It is recommended to clean it every 2 months. (Do not clean the sensor with detergent or metal objects).

The rest of the chassis can be wiped with a damp cloth or a softer towel.

top 10 best air purifiers filter maintenance

Next is the heavy head! Air purifiers generally have three layers of screens, each of which is made of a different material to absorb different air pollutants, so it needs to be cleaned in different ways:

▪ Primary filter ▪

In the outermost layer of empty net, it mainly absorbs large pollution such as hair, pet hair, sand and gravel; generally it is cleaned 1-2 times a month, the filter screen is removed, and the dust can be removed by using a vacuum cleaner or a rag.

▪ HEPA filter ▪

This is the most important filter for empty nets, which removes more than 99% of 0.3-2.5 micron particles. Effectively block PM2.5, bacteria, allergens, and other harmful substances, so be careful when cleaning.

HEPA filters are not washable because they are usually made of polypropylene or other composite materials. Similar to paper, brushing with water can damage the filter structure.

You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust, almost once a month. If you feel that it has become very dirty after using it for a long time, then it is best to change a new one, don’t feel bad about it.

▪ In addition to formaldehyde filters ▪

If it is activated carbon in addition to formaldehyde filter, it is good to expose it directly under the sun. Activated carbon belongs to physical adsorption, and the formaldehyde adsorbed in it is released by the temperature rise.

Therefore, if it is not taken care of, the formaldehyde adsorbed in the winter will be released again in the summer, and secondary pollution will be formed.

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Project standards detected by the air purifier quality inspection report

Project standards detected by the air purifier quality inspection report

Air purifiers, also known as “air cleaners“, air purifiers, purifiers, are capable of adsorbing, decomposing or converting various air pollutants (generally including PM2.5, dust, pollen, odor, formaldehyde, etc.). , bacteria, allergens, etc., products that effectively improve air cleanliness, mainly divided into household, commercial, industrial, and building. In order to ensure the scientific and fairness of the inspection capability and inspection work of the third-party inspection agency, the relevant state departments have granted the measurement certification certificate after confirming the measurement capability of the inspection agency and allowed them to stamp the CMA chapter on the inspection report. Take a look at the project standards detected by the air purifier quality inspection report. Items detected by the air purifier quality inspection report:

1. Test: The safety of the air purifier includes key tests on electronic components, internal fans, internal and external power lines, air inlets and outlets, and leakage, moisture, and electrical strength. These tests are tested by professionals in the national quality supervision department. Safety testing is divided into three levels: first-class safety, second-level general, and third-level qualified.

2, CADR value detection includes PM2.5 purification and formaldehyde, stupid and other purification effects. The energy-saving effect is divided into five levels of energy efficiency according to the energy-saving efficiency of household appliances under the new national standard. The first-level power consumption is the lowest, and fifth-level power consumption is the highest. At the same time, the same gear function, the power consumption of each product is detected.

The air purifier quality inspection report (purification performance) test items are as follows:

Clean air volume (particulate matter, formaldehyde, toluene, benzene, ammonia, TVOC, etc.)

Cumulative purification (particulate matter, formaldehyde, etc.)

Power (purification energy efficiency) (measured power, standby power)

Noise (sound power level)

Sterilization performance (Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, airborne natural bacteria, Aspergillus niger, phage, etc.)

Hazardous substances are heavy (ozone, TVOC, PM10, ultraviolet, ozone, 24-hour increment)

Electrical safety (electrical safety regulations)

Removal rate (formaldehyde, toluene, benzene, TVOC, particulate matter, PM2.5, CO2, NO2, SO2, etc.)

Negative ion concentration (negative ion)

Clean air quantity testing standards and basis:

The PM2.5 test standard is:

API/LM 01-2013 Indoor Air Purifier Purification Performance Evaluation Requirements

GSH/J2011-1 air purifier to remove particulate matter PM2.5 detection method technical specification

The detection standard of solid pollutants (>0.3μm particles) is: GB/T 18801-2015 air purifier

The standards tested by the air purifier quality inspection report:

1. The performance purification capability reflects the actual working capacity of the purifier, called the clean air volume (CADR), which is characterized by the volume of air that can be purified per unit time. The unit is cubic meters per hour.

Requirements: (1) The measured value of the clean air of the purifier for the particulate matter should not be less than 90% of the nominal value;

(2) Same as above, the measured value of the clean air of the purifier for gaseous pollutants should not be less than 90% of the nominal value;

(3) Purification durability. The length of time that the purifier can be used is a parameter and indicator that consumers are very concerned about, and the length of use can be measured by the number of pollutants that the purifier filter can absorb, and is expressed by the cumulative purification amount (CCM). Mg, mg.

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In case of “smog” air purifier is hot, the actual purification function needs to be improved

In case of “smog” air purifier is hot, the actual purification function needs to be improved

Shanghai Renshoutang Sinopharm on Beihong Road and Yifeng Pharmacy on Tianshan West Road… The reporter visited a number of pharmacies in Shanghai yesterday and found that a variety of masks were placed in the conspicuous window, including children’s masks and adult daily masks. And the most preventive PM2.5 masks. The reporter noted that among these mask products, the price of one-time anti-mite masks (three bags of one bag) is about 25-30 yuan, and the price of non-disposable moth masks is more expensive, basically at around 40 yuan.
    “Many companies concentrate on ordering masks for employees, and corporate orders are increasing. The purchase volume of individual customers is relatively stable, but compared with a few years ago, the increase in mask sales in the same period of this year is very obvious.” A pharmacy salesperson told reporters that As the smog enters a high incidence period, the sales of FITs in masks continue to increase. In addition to a physical business, the words “must mask” are entered on the web platform, and there are hundreds of products for sale. In the official flagship store of 3M, a 20-piece N95 headband anti-fog mask with a price of 138 yuan, the total sales exceeded 100,000, the monthly sales broke 5,000 boxes, and the other 25 pieces were sold, sold and sold. The monthly sales of the “Dust-proof smog PM2.5 mask” with a price of 158 yuan reached more than 7,000 boxes.
In addition to the anti-mite mask, the top 5 best air purifiers have become the choice of “defense” after New Year’s Day. In the Changle Road store of Yongle Electric, the reporter noticed that all major brands will have air purifiers with the effect of removing cockroaches in a conspicuous position. The reporter noticed that the price of the air purifier with the main function of removing the cockroach is in the range of 2999-3599 yuan, while the price of the multifunctional air purifier is basically above 4999 yuan. In terms of purification function, most models of particulate matter removal and formaldehyde purification energy efficiency levels are shown as high efficiency.
It is worth noting that China’s first top 10 best air purifiers China environmental labeling standard has been implemented since January 1 this year. After the implementation of the standard, consumers can use the Chinese environmental label on the purifier product as one of the important basis for purchasing the product. When the salesperson introduced the product to the reporter, he pointed out that the sign was posted on the shelf purifier in the mall. The relevant person in charge of Suning Shanghai disclosed to reporters that since the New Year’s Day, the sales of air purifiers in Shencheng Suning’s physical stores have increased by 170% year-on-year and by 250%.
The sales staff told reporters that in addition to the purchase of individual customers, the orders of enterprises during the New Year’s Day increased significantly. “Business procurement is used for air purification in offices, and most of them are for the health of employees.”
Actual purification function needs to be improved
The demand for anti-mite products has surged, but the efficacy of anti-mite products has actually been improved.
The Municipal Consumer Protection Committee disclosed that of the 20 mainstream brand air purifier products, 12 were purchased in large department stores, and 8 were purchased on e-commerce platforms, with prices ranging from 699 yuan to 18,600 yuan per unit. The comparative test was carried out for product promotion and consumer-focused particulate matter purification functions (clean air volume, applicable area, PM2.5, 0.1μm to 0.2μm particulate matter), gaseous pollutant purification function (formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide) and other projects.
The results showed that among the 20 samples, the purification ability of formaldehyde and sulfur dioxide was quite different. The nominal value of some enterprise product functions differed from the measured values. Among them, 20 samples of PM2.5 clean air volume highest and lowest value, the measured difference is more than 7 times. The maximum value of the clean air and the minimum value of the particle size of 20 samples from 0.1 μm to 0.2 μm are also more than 7 times. 20 samples of sulfur dioxide clean air, the highest value and the lowest value difference of 27 times.
According to another report, 11 samples of the nominal formaldehyde clean air quantity value are found in the new national standard of the air purifier, “the measured value of the clean air volume should not be less than 90% of the nominal value”, and the nominal Panasonic Environmental System is found. A “Panasonic” air sterilizer produced by the company is not consistent with the measured values ​​and does not meet the standard requirements.
In addition, the nominal value of some enterprise product functions is quite different from the measured value, such as an “Olansi” air purifier, which is nominally produced by Zhejiang Wuyi Youdun Electric Co., Ltd., and the measured applicable area is much smaller than the standard value.
Selection and use should be properly selected
The Municipal Consumer Protection Committee pointed out that consumers should purchase air purifier products through formal channels, avoid buying “three no” products and ensure the quality and after-sales of products. Purchasing air purifiers according to their actual needs, such as smog-prone areas can focus on PM2.5 and other products with strong purification ability of particulate matter, the indoor new decoration can focus on formaldehyde and toluene and other volatile organic compounds purification products. Attention should be paid to the particulate clean air volume (CADR) and the applicable area of ​​the air purifier, which are directly proportional to each other. Do not leave the applicable area and look at the size of the CADR. At least the air purifier with a product area not less than the actual use area should be selected.
In addition, consumers can also focus on purifying energy efficiency levels. Air purifiers are usually used continuously for a long time. The energy efficiency rating is an important indicator to measure the purifying performance and power consumption of the air purifier. The higher the level, the more energy saving. Pay attention to the inspection and verification report. It is recommended that consumers ask the manufacturer to provide a third-party inspection agency test report with the “CMA” mark when purchasing, to confirm that the measured values, test methods and product promotion of each indicator are consistent, and focus on Rationality and effectiveness of the standards and test methods.
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Household air purifier role analysis and shortcomings

Household air purifier role analysis and shortcomings

Is the home air purifier useful? The role of the home air purifier
1. Remove chemical gases such as formaldehyde, ammonia, and benzene.
The air purifier can effectively neutralize volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, insecticides, aerosol hydrocarbons, harmful gases emitted from paint, and avoid physical discomfort caused by inhaling harmful gases.
2, effectively eliminate odor
The air purifier can effectively remove the strange smell and polluted air emitted from chemicals, animals, tobacco, cooking fumes, cooking, decoration, garbage, and replace the indoor gas 24 hours a day to ensure a virtuous cycle of indoor air.
3. Remove microorganisms and pollutants from the air
The air purifier can effectively kill and destroy bacteria, viruses, mold, and mold in the air and on the surface of the object, and at the same time remove dead dandruff, pollen and other sources of disease in the air, and reduce the spread of disease in the air.
4. Settling particles in the air
The air purifier can effectively settle various inhalable suspended particles such as dust, coal dust, smoke and fiber impurities in the air to prevent the human body from breathing to these harmful floating dust particles.
Is domestic air purifier useful? Limitations of home air purifiers
1, can not reduce the concentration of indoor carbon dioxide
Although the air purifier can remove indoor harmful gases and particulate matter to some extent, it cannot absorb carbon dioxide and cannot reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide.
2, in the closed space to be effective
The air purifier works by capturing, adsorbing and destroying harmful substances in the air. When the indoor air flows, it cannot effectively capture harmful molecules in the air. At this time, its effect is not large.
3, the scope of purification is small
Generally speaking, the air purifier only effectively purifies the air of 2 meters in a circle. Exceeding this range, its purification is limited. Many merchants in the market will exaggerate the purification range of the air purifier.
Another type of air purifier – fresh air system
The fresh air system is a device that can help indoor ventilation and ventilation. After the fresh outdoor air is treated, it is introduced into the room, and the indoor polluted air is discharged to the outside, thereby ensuring the circulation of indoor air and ensuring that the indoor time is fresh. Air to meet the needs of the human body. In addition, the fresh air system has a certain air purification filter function, and he can continue to deliver fresh air to the room 24 hours a day. (Detailed introduction of the fresh air system)
The fresh air system uses special equipment to send fresh air to the indoors from the other side and then discharges from the other side to the outdoor by special equipment, thereby forming a “new wind flow field”, thereby meeting the needs of indoor fresh air ventilation. The functions of the fresh air system include the following aspects:
1. Discharge indoor dirty air: The uninterrupted operation of the fresh air system can effectively discharge carbon dioxide and various odorous gases exhaled by indoors and animals, including harmful gases such as smoke, formaldehyde, and benzene.
Second, energy-saving: the fresh air system consumes less energy, no need to open the window for ventilation, can effectively reduce the energy consumption of winter heating and summer cooling.
Third, anti-mildew and odor: the indoor humid dirty air, to eliminate odor, to prevent mold and bacteria, is conducive to extending the life of buildings and furniture.
Fourth, safe and convenient: avoid the property and personal safety hazards caused by window opening, even if no one at home can automatically breathe fresh air.
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Is a home air purifier useful? How is the effect of the air purifier?

Is a home air purifier useful? How is the effect of the air purifier?

70-90% of a person’s life is spent indoors, showing how important indoor air quality affects human health. In the absence of a solution to the per capita living area, it is, of course, difficult to talk about improving indoor air quality. However, in today’s people’s living standards and living conditions continue to improve, improving indoor air quality to improve people’s health is inevitable.
It is understood that the market penetration rate of air purifiers in the United States has reached 20%-30%. In contrast, even though smog has caused a net increase in China’s net sales, in China, the market penetration rate of air purifiers is still low. Many families have an insufficient understanding of the top 10 home air purifiers, so what about air purifiers?
Is a home air purifier useful?
Useful, its role is that the built-in air detection function can monitor the air quality in real-time, and the air quality can be easily evaluated without purchasing the service of a third-party air detection agency.
The second function is of course to purify the air. The top 5 best air purifiers filters and adsorbs air pollutants such as PM2.5, dust, formaldehyde, and allergens to achieve the purpose of purifying and purifying the air, and escorting the family health.
Is the air purifier good?
The purifying effect of the air purifier is determined by various factors, including CARD value, filtering technology, filter grade, etc. The air purifying effect of the air purifier is also mentioned in the foregoing. After years of development, the air purifier is currently removing PM2. .5, dust, formaldehyde and other air pollutants, the effect is still very good, the national large and small professional evaluation agencies have done scientific and rigorous air purification effect evaluation for the mainstream air purifier, and the evaluation results are satisfactory.
So, how can I buy a satisfactory air purifier?
From the brand’s point of view, it is generally recommended to choose the following two brands: First, the vertical brand that has long been deeply immersed in the field of air purification, such as the survival Senchen air purifier, which originated from Germany, as a globally famous empty net brand, in recent years. Strong development of the Chinese market, has a very strong technical strength and professional quality; the other is a well-known brand in the horizontal integrated field, although involved in more fields, from the brand guarantee Look, the quality will not be too bad.
In addition, it is to look at the performance, shape and other elements of the air purifier, such as CARD value, filtration technology, filter grade, shape design, etc.
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