What is the use of moisturizing spray?

What is the use of moisturizing spray?

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Usage 1: used as a toner
Spray on the face and neck directly after cleansing to calm the skin. This is the usage that all girls should know, the same as the toner and lotion.

Usage 2: Cleansing
It is easy to sweat in summer, and the sweat on the face will keep the skin rough and dry. We can carry the spray in a small bottle, spray it after sweating, and dry it with a paper towel. After drying, apply sunscreen again to avoid sunburn.

Usage 3: Apply mask
Spray the mask paper with a spray, apply it to the face for about 15 minutes after cleansing, and spray it in the middle to keep the mask moist. Otherwise, it will not only help, but it will be counterproductive. This mask can be used for 7 days, not only hydrating And can alleviate plant-induced stimuli, such as new skin care products are not suitable, pollen allergy and so on.

Usage four: fixed makeup
Because I don’t use powder, the liquid foundation is not used, so I haven’t tried it. I saw that JMS said that the makeup effect is quite good. After spraying the powder, spray it with a long distance spray. After drying, the makeup will be very good all day. Confession.

Usage 5: Making a mask
Sometimes I buy a soft film or this powder, I need to use my own mask, I will spray a little spring water in a small bowl, then pour into the mask to reconcile, double nutrition is difficult to replace.

Usage six: smooth the hair tips
Sometimes I wash my hair at night, and the next day I will use a spray to spray it. I feel that I have become obedient, and my hair is also nutritious. Even the money for setting the gel is saved.

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