What kind of air purifiers do mothers and children need?

What kind of air purifiers do mothers and children need?

These are the true voices and evaluations of Olansi. The main function of Olansi best air purifier for office is to meet the needs of mother and baby families in addition to PM2.5, odor, dust mites, germs, and allergens.

Expert reminder
There are many types of air purifiers on the market, but not all best inexpensive HEPA air purifier is suitable for mother and baby.

Maternal and child are special groups with poor resistance, and the requirements for the respiratory environment and air quality are more demanding. Especially during pregnancy, pregnant women are very sensitive both physically and psychologically, especially those who suffer from allergic rhinitis. They can’t take medicine during pregnancy. The health status of pregnant women will directly affect the development and health of the fetus.

On the other hand, the hazards of formaldehyde in new homes are well known. The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer has already identified formaldehyde as a primary carcinogen, which is considered to be closely related to nasopharyngeal carcinoma, sinus cancer, lung cancer, and blood cancer. For ordinary people, formaldehyde is still a “savage tiger”, which is an invisible killer for pregnant mothers and babies.

Therefore, an air purifier suitable for mother and baby must not only remove PM2.5, but also remove formaldehyde, and must have the effect of sterilization and allergens, and can not disturb their rest and sleep, affecting their quality of life. More importantly, there is no ozone hazard.

The biggest advantage of Olansi air purifiers and other air purifiers is that they control the quality control. We spend an average of two months from selection, testing to loading. We are willing to spend time purchasing products for consumers. There are not many products but very professional, excellent results, high security, and the number of word-of-mouth evaluations are one of the best in the industry.

On the other hand, the Olansi purifier is a product specially developed and designed for the Chinese family air environment using the core technology of the United States. The high-efficiency HEPA multiple-precision filtration technologies can purify the smog particles such as PM2.5 and decompose formaldehyde and benzene. Such decoration contaminants, effectively purify dust mites, allergens and all kinds of harmful odors, no ozone hazards, purify and mute, automatically humidify according to the living environment, is a professional air purifier to protect the child’s respiratory system and protect the maternal and child health.

In terms of functional design, the Olansi air purifier also has a targeted design for the characteristics of the mother and the infant.

Widescreen digital display purification effect at a glance

The Olansi air purifier uses a large screen display to display the current PM2.5 and the indoor temperature and humidity in real-time. The mother can see the change of the indoor air pollution value through the display screen, which is far superior to the LED light only. The displayed air purifier products allow mothers to truly grasp the specific concentration of indoor air pollutants, so as to select a suitable purification mode more specifically and purify the air in the fastest and most economical way.

Palm remote control for mother remote operation

Taking into account the inconvenience of pregnant women, mothers take care of children can not open the body and other common life scenes, so Olansi with remote control operation, users can go through the infrared remote control without pressing the bed, regardless of whether they are in the bedroom or living room, expectant mothers It is also easy to control the operation of the air purifier anytime and anywhere. This humanized design can be described as the invisible “running leg” of the mothers.

Silent sleep creates a comfortable environment for mothers and children

Olansi also made the strict control on the noise. It was very quiet when running. It was like a breeze slamming through the ear. After turning on the sleep mode at night, I could hardly hear the sound, so that the baby who was afraid of noisy could sleep safely and breathe clean. Air is effective in ensuring the quality of sleep for adults and children.

In addition, mothers can also set the machine to turn on and off at any time according to the needs, which can be stored in 1-8 hours, which can save power and worry.

360-degree sleek body anti-baby bump
Mothers enjoy the children running around, but they are always worried about baby bumps. The same designers of moms and dads have also considered this problem. We will smooth out the edges and corners, and we will never be afraid of it. But there is a personality in the mellow, just like you and me, although the time has smoothed our edges and corners, the heart still has its own persistence.

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