What kind of water is good to drink?

What kind of water is good to drink?

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From a health point of view, mainstream scientists now believe that the standards for good drinking water and healthy water should meet the following points:
1. The first point is that drinking water must be clean, and it does not contain germs and harmful chemicals such as heavy metals.
2. Healthy drinking water should contain appropriate amounts of minerals and trace elements.
3. Healthy water should also contain an appropriate amount of dissolved oxygen.
4. There is also a good drinking water should be alkaline, the water molecule is small, and has a strong activity.

The function of the human body is closely related to the formation of bones and is a normal part of the human bones and teeth.

Strontium promotes bone development and osteoid formation. His degree of aggregation can be used to observe bone healing and has a significant effect on bone healing. Lack of strontium in the human body can impede metabolism, produce abnormalities in teeth and bone development. Especially the elderly and children who are developing. Because of the strontium.

Strontium are also related to the function and structure of blood vessels. The mechanism of action is to compete with sodium for absorption in the intestines, thereby reducing the body’s absorption of sodium and increasing sodium excretion.

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