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Strontium is a little known trace element.But it is certain that strontium is an indispensable trace element for human body. If human body is deficient in strontium, there will be various adverse health symptoms.

Strontium S r is an essential trace element and a normal component of human bones and teeth.Ossification vigorous parts (such as fracture), the accumulation of strontium is also more.Can promote bone growth, maintain normal physiological functions, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, and longevity.Its metabolism in the body is very similar to that of calcium.It can promote the metabolism of bone calcium, serum inorganic phosphorus also has an effect.The study found that vitamin D not only affects the absorption of calcium, but also affects the absorption of strontium.Lack of vitamin D rickets patients, urine strontium excretion increased, the bone strontium content is also significantly reduced.In addition, due to lack of calcium caused convulsions, the blood strontium also reduced.This shows that strontium, like calcium, also affects the excitability of nerves and muscles and the growth and development of bones.But too much strontium, is also not conducive to the growth and development of bone, the performance of joints and bone deformation, fragile, muscular atrophy and anemia.

Some scholars found that strontium, like calcium, magnesium, silicon, lithium, can reduce the death rate of cardiovascular disease.The mechanism may be that strontium competes with sodium in the gut, reducing sodium absorption and increasing sodium excretion.A healthy person’s total blood strontium content is 39 micrograms per liter.Adults can take 2 mg of strontium per day to meet physiological needs.Strontium deficiency can cause dental caries, osteoporosis and other diseases.

Strontium content in food is related to strontium content in local water and soil.Strontium is found in wheat, rice and soybean, with the highest content of 3.7 micrograms per gram in soybean

Strontium contains a lot of food, and the human body so need strontium element, so people must pay attention to eat more strontium containing food in daily life, to supplement enough strontium element.

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