What pollutants are harmful to people in the air?

What pollutants are harmful to people in the air?

Air pollution refers to the phenomenon that certain pollutants reach a certain concentration in the atmosphere due to human activities or natural processes, and continue to pollute the ambient air for a certain period of time.
Different atmospheric pollutants have different health hazards.
Such as:
Sulfur dioxide
The sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere has a stimulating effect on the respiratory mucosa, which can cause acute and chronic inflammation of the respiratory tract. After the sulfur dioxide enters the blood, it combines with vitamin B1 to destroy the combination of vitamin B1 and vitamin C in the body, which makes the balance of vitamin C in the body imbalance, thus affecting metabolism. And growth and development.
Nitrogen dioxide
Nitrogen dioxide invades the deep bronchioles and alveoli in the respiratory tract. Long-term low-inhalation inhalation can cause damage to the lung tissue, causing pulmonary edema and, in severe cases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Studies have shown that the increase in bronchitis symptoms in children with asthma is associated with prolonged exposure to nitrogen dioxide.

Excessive ozone in the atmosphere can affect the respiratory system, trigger asthma, reduce lung function and cause lung disease.
PM2.5 is composed of primary particles directly discharged into the atmosphere and secondary particles generated by chemical conversion of gaseous pollutants in the atmosphere, and the secondary particles are often more toxic. The effects of different PM2.5 ingredients have different health effects. PM2.5 adsorption of organic components can be used as an adjuvant to induce asthma or aggravate the symptoms of allergic rhinitis; particles containing bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microorganisms may cause respiratory epidemics; PM2.5 adsorbing harmful gases can stimulate or corrode The alveolar wall, long-term effects can damage the respiratory defense function; in addition, various chemical components in PM2.5 may have a combined toxicity.

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