What should I do if the water in the water purifier becomes smaller and does not produce water?

What should I do if the water in the water purifier becomes smaller and does not produce water?

“Xiao’ an, my family’s water purifier has suddenly become smaller in water production. Taking a glass of water is several times slower than when I just bought it. What is going on?”
“My water purifier suddenly didn’t have water this morning. For a time, I didn’t even know what water to use for even the children.”
“Why is the water in the water purifier released, suddenly stopped? After a while, shut yourself down?”
I don’t know if you have encountered a similar situation. If you have one, you should listen carefully! Next, Xiao An explained the reasons and solutions for the “water purifier water flow is small, no water”:

Check if the power supply and pipeline are connected properly.
When the water purifier is working, it needs to be connected to the power supply. When the power is off or the power is off, the machine will not work normally. Therefore, if you find that the machine does not have water, first check if the power is on. The second is to check whether the water pipe is smooth and whether the water inlet ball valve of the tap water is open.
Filter plug or service life expires
The filter element is the core component of the water purifier and bears the important responsibility of intercepting impurities and pollutants. However, the filter element also has a service life. Because each filter element has limited interception capability, if it is not replaced on time, the filter element will be clogged and the water purifier will not be able to discharge water normally.
Therefore, be sure to replace the water purifier filter on time to keep the water quality safe and healthy!
If the household water purifier in the home has a flushing function, it can be opened periodically, and the filter element is simply flushed, which is beneficial to the maintenance of the water purifier and prolongs the service life of the filter element.

Long-term water stop, first sewage treatment
If the tap water is stopped for a long time, after the water supply is restored, the water purifier will be used immediately if the sewage is not discharged first. A large amount of sediment, rust and other substances deposited in the water pipe will directly enter the water purifier, causing the filter element to clog and the machine not to discharge water. Or the effluent smells, affecting the normal use of the water purifier.
Therefore, after stopping the water, the water purifier should be turned off, the tap water is turned on to clean the sand in the water pipe, and then the water purifier is turned on.

Water protection mechanism triggers water cuts
After a long period of water production, the water purifier will actively evoke the self-protection mechanism of the machine, which will also cause the machine to suddenly stop making water.
This kind of “water protection” of the machine is to avoid internal damage caused by the long-term operation of the machine, and secondly to avoid long-term water production caused by forgetting to shut off the water, resulting in unnecessary waste of water resources.
In general, a large-fluid water purifier will trigger a water-making protection mechanism when the water is produced for about 1 hour. The small-flux or water purifier with a filter tank is about 5 hours.
When this happens, simply turn off the water purifier and unplug the power supply. After the “return blood” is completed, plug in the power and restart.
The tap water pressure is abnormal or the temperature is too low
If there is an abnormality in the water pressure at home, it will also cause the water quantity of the water purifier to become smaller. Because the ultrafiltration membrane and RO membrane of the water purifier have very small pore sizes, certain water pressure is required during the filtration process. When the tap water pressure is too small, the filter speed of the filter element will naturally slow down.
In general, the tap water pressure at 0.3 MPa is normal. You can check if other faucets in your home are normal. If the water flow is reduced, you only need to wait for the water pressure to recover, and the water purifier will return to normal.
In another case, in the winter or when the temperature is relatively low, the decrease in water temperature will cause the viscosity of the water to increase, causing the flow of the water to slow down, and the water production of the water purifier will decrease. This is a normal phenomenon. It can be recovered after the temperature rises.

Of course, if all of the above reasons are ruled out, it is not clear why the water suddenly appears to be out of water. It may be that the machine or component has failed. In this case, Xiaoan advises you to make an appointment with professional after-sales service personnel in time to check and repair!
Finally, you need to add another sentence. Don’t forget to carry out regular maintenance and filter replacement during the daily use of the water purifier. This is really important!

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