Does the water filtered by the water purifier still need to be boiled?

Does the water filtered by the water purifier still need to be boiled?

In the process of transportation, tap water needs to go through transfer stations such as water plants, water pipe networks, and community water storage tanks, especially in old residential areas and high-rise residential buildings. The probability of secondary pollution of tap water is quite large. Before tap water enters thousands of households, it will carry a lot of harmful substances such as sediment, rust, bacteria, heavy metals and residual chlorine.

When the tap water is subject to different levels of secondary pollution, the role of the water purifier is fully reflected. The water purifier will filter impurities through the filter elements such as PP cotton, ultrafiltration membrane, activated carbon, RO membrane, etc., adsorbing heavy metals and removing harmful bacteria.

How does the household water purifier work?
In general, household water purifiers are classified into five-stage filtration or six-stage filter filtration. It has high-precision filtration technology that can filter out floating objects, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, residual chlorine, and sediment in water. Rust, microbes, etc., can also improve the taste of drinking water.
1, PP cotton filter
Coarse filtration: PP cotton is generally the first level of the China best water purifier, mainly responsible for the solid impurities of large particles.
Treatment objects: sediment, suspended solids, rust, algae and colloids, etc.
2, activated carbon filter
Adsorption: The biggest effect of activated carbon is adsorption. Its pore structure can remove chlorine and some heavy metals from water.
Treatment target: residual chlorine, odor and a very small part of heavy metals
3, ultrafiltration membrane filter
Fine filtration: fine pores on the ultrafiltration membrane can effectively filter out microorganisms, germs and some macromolecular organic substances in water. However, there is nothing that can be done about inorganic substances that are completely dissolved in water.
Treatment target: microorganisms, germs, macromolecular organics
4, RO reverse osmosis filter
Fine filtration: RO reverse osmosis membrane is the only weapon to deal with heavy metals. Its pore size is one-fifth of the hair, and the filtration precision can reach 0.0001 micron. It can effectively filter heavy metal ions, bacteria and viruses in the water.
Treatment target: heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, pesticides, etc.
At present, reverse osmosis is the most effective water filtration technology, including seawater desalination, but currently RO reverse osmosis technology requires electricity and will certainly produce wastewater. That is to say, if the water purifier is not energized or produces waste water, the effluent still needs to be sterilized, which is not absolutely safe.

Healthy water standard
After the analysis of water experts, the standards for healthy and good water mainly include the following:
1. Contains substances that are toxic, harmful and odorous to the human body;
2. The hardness of water is moderate;
3. The dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide in the water are moderate;
4, the water molecule group is small, easy to absorb and utilize human cells;
5. The physiological function of water (penetration, solvency, metabolism, redox) is strong.

How to choose a water purifier
Choose a good brand of good reputation
In recent years, due to the rapid development of the water purifier industry, there are more than 10,000 manufacturers selling water purifiers in the domestic market, but only 3,000 have obtained health permits.
After the market’s survival of the fittest, some good quality water purifier brands have gradually emerged from many brands and become the leader of the domestic water purifier industry.
Perfect after-sales service system
Water purifier products are not like ordinary household appliances, which itself requires relatively perfect after-sales service, especially in the installation process. Water purifiers are wading and related products. If improperly installed or mistaken, it is easy. Caused an installation accident.
In addition, the filter element needs to be regularly maintained and replaced, otherwise it will be blocked and affect the water purification effect. This requires more professional after-sales service personnel to carry out regular maintenance. This is critical to maintaining the quality of the water purifier.

Finally, we return to the original topic:
“Do you want to boil after the water purifier is filtered?”
After the above analysis, the netizens are worried that the problem of “unclean filtering” is actually a good solution. It is only necessary to install a reliable water purifier!
The habit of drinking hot water is better solved. You can drink the filtered water to the extent that it is not hot according to your personal needs, or directly install a heated water dispenser.

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