What should I pay attention to when buying an air purifier?

What should I pay attention to when buying an air purifier?

Do you know when you need to pay attention to buying air purifiers? If you don’t know, I can tell you here. I hope this can help you choose a good air purifier.

It is safe to place an air purifier, which is the adequacy of its basic prerequisites. Technology directly affects the safety of air purifiers.

Second, the principle of scientific purification, whether to achieve the effect of high-efficiency air purification principle of air purification internationally recognized principle 5, physics, electrostatic, chemical formula, and anionic compounds. Chemical purification needs to be carried out through dust, odor, pollen, and other particulate matter, physical purification filters and harmful substances such as allergens, viruses, and formaldehyde. In addition to purification from the direction of the dynamic point, passive purification also has three measures: purification (air purification), passive purification (purification and fixation) and active and passive purification, which only has the effect of intake purification. The active purification of the whole space has a purification effect. Active purification and passive purification are the combinations of the two, and their effect is better.

For air purifier, purification is the most important function. If your demand for indoor air purifier is only based on improving indoor air quality, choose clean air. With the increasing demand for improving the quality of life, the demand for air purifiers is no longer simple and clean indoor air. Very dry, dry skin, so when choosing air purifier, you need to buy skin function humidifying air purifier. People have their own car, your car air purifier, all kinds of you need to choose a good car odor.

Fourth, in the combination of marketing and third-party certification agencies, you must have a high-quality household air purifier, you have sterilization odor, purification capacity. In addition, dirty air mattresses such as furniture, tables, and sofas are concentrated in places where common floating bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, and influenza viruses are transmitted, as well as harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene and TVOC. It would be more convincing if the purifying effect of these harmful substances was a validated third party authority. For air purifier maintenance and maintenance, you should be normal, maintenance and maintenance is relatively easy.

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