Do you know how to use an air purifier?

Do you know how to use an air purifier?

In addition, air purifiers are called air purifiers, air purifiers, air purifiers, and other products that can effectively improve air cleanliness, filter and kill air pollutants. Only using air purifiers can not guarantee the service life of air purifiers, and when using in cans, we should pay attention to the following points.

Such as air purifier. Start the first air purifier to clean the PM2.5 polluted environment in the air, preferably in the case of serious air pollution or indoor environmental pollution, it can ensure a good purification effect. For air quality, summer and winter can be combined with humidifier, which is the best result.

Second, clean and maintain in time. When the signal lamp completely shows dust, install the lamp to clean the electrostatic adsorption purifier.

The third function of the HPF filter replacement indicator can check whether there is an indicator to turn on the machine to show the pollution filter at any time. If the filter is black, we need to replace the filter immediately.

The fourth step is to observe the cleaning effect of the air purifier. If it is found that the cleaning effect is significantly reduced or that the external air purifier smells afterward, we must change the filter material and clean the filter in time.

When using an electrostatic adsorption air purifier, please avoid direct contact with children because of the high voltage of children to prevent electric shock. Don’t breathe in smokers carefully to prevent fires.

It is also very important to use the sixth air purifier with this arrangement. Do not rely on walls or furniture, preferably in the middle of the room, away from the wall, or use a distance of 1 meter or longer.

The seventh type of air purifier should not be too close to the body, because it has many harmful gas purifiers from the surrounding environment.

Last but not least, do not use air purifiers during ventilation windows to pay attention to outdoor air pollution.

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