What should we do for indoor air pollution?

What should we do for indoor air pollution?

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Now people’s living standards are getting better and better, and the style of home decoration is getting better and better, the requirements are getting higher and higher, and the decoration pollution is also entering people’s daily life. For indoor air purification, people also have considerable attention, but we The true understanding of pollution has not yet reached the level we need for health.

Now we are all worried about the indoor air problem after renovation. Some friends will also choose some air purification methods to deal with the air pollution problem after renovation. There are many ways and many methods, but now the purification market is also very popular, but our choice In some simple improvements, a kind of psychological comfort, no real understanding, what is pollution, what is the impact on us, and now many purifications in the market are adsorption and filtration, and do not really eliminate pollution, and pollution changes, eventually It is eliminated and changed.

Especially in the winter when fog is frequent, most of the areas are foggy; and the room temperature rise caused by heating will accelerate the rapid evaporation of pollutants in the decoration materials (the formaldehyde volatilization point is 19 degrees, when the temperature is high) At 19 degrees, formaldehyde is extremely active, causing indoor air pollution. In addition to the cold outside, people close the doors and windows, indoor and outdoor air can not be exchanged. As a result, it caused a state of “closing the window pollution, opening the window and sucking”.

In this case, what should we do?

Now there is a purifier, which is very suitable for comfortable life. It can meet the needs of fashionable people. Olansi A3B air purifier has the functions of multiple filtration, ultraviolet sterilization, ultra-quiet operation, etc. It can effectively remove harmful substances such as PM2.5 and release negative ions. It is ideal for urban families with children and the elderly. It is also a good choice for business, because it is a mute state at work, improving air quality and maintaining a comfortable working condition, which is very suitable for use in high-end office space.

Olansi A3B air purifier gives you a comfortable and healthy indoor living environment.

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