How to prevent indoor environmental pollution

How to prevent indoor environmental pollution

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1.Improve indoor environmental awareness, develop scientific living habits, and regularly open windows and ventilate every day, even in winter.

2.Do not overheat the cooking oil during cooking. When cooking, open the pumping unit or open the window to change the air to reduce indoor air pollution caused by burning and cooking.

3.Try not to smoke indoors to reduce indoor air pollution caused by smoke.

4.In the interior decoration, the construction and decoration materials should be carefully selected, and excessive decoration should be avoided.

5.When choosing furniture should choose solid wood furniture, try not to choose materials such as MDF and fiberboard to reduce the release of formaldehyde in the adhesive.

6.The newly renovated room should not be rushed to stay, should open the window for a period of time before staying. Since the release of formaldehyde in buildings, decorative materials and furniture is a slow process, it is still necessary to open the window and ventilate every day after check-in to ensure that there is enough fresh air in the room.

7.Try not to keep pets indoors, bedding, blankets and carpets should always be dried in the sun to avoid dust.

8.Cultivate some green plants indoors, can play a role in purifying the air.

9.When the indoor air is not good, you can ask a qualified inspection unit to carry out the test, and then propose a total solution.

10.Install an air purifier to remove harmful substances such as PM2.5 and protect your family’s health.

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