When summer is over, there is no need to open an air purifier.

When summer is over, there is no need to open an air purifier.

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Summer is here, there is no smog, more blue sky and white clouds
Although it is very hot, there are air conditioners.
People can’t help but feel the beauty of life in the summer.
Duang! ! ! a blockbuster smashing down
The temperature rises and indoor pollution is coming!
Especially in summer, high temperature, low air pressure, and high humidity make the indoor air convection correspondingly reduced, which also causes the retention of polluting gas, and indoor air pollution also enters a high incidence period.
Summer is a season of high levels of toxic and harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene. When the temperature rises, the molecular thermal motion is intensified, which leads to an increase in the volatilization rate of indoor formaldehyde and the like, and an increase in the release amount. Indoors are uncomfortable, chest tightness, coughing, sneezing, etc. are all indoor air pollution problems.
Summer is the season with the most germs and the fastest breeding. These bacteria that lurk around us not only become allergens but also cause symptoms of allergies to some people. More importantly, these bacteria are highly susceptible to disease in the summer. Some people with poor resistance can easily develop symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, and skin allergies in summer.
❸The China Health Education Association has issued a report stating that summer is a high-incidence season in a year, and indoor air pollution is four or five times higher than outdoor.
So the air purifier at home must not be idle.
Indoor air purification, summer is still very important!
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Source of the round “net” air purifier
This product adopts HIMOP technology and M13 filter core jointly developed by Sino-German, and HEPA filter of American 3M Company. The filtration precision is up to 0.08 micron, no ozone, no radiation, low-pressure negative ion.
Technical Parameters:
filter material:
M13 filter: It is an improvement of activated carbon, close to fullerene C60, which is a very spectral gas absorber.
HEPA filter: It can effectively remove inhalable particles and filter particles such as bacteria, smoke and dust in the air above 0.3 microns, and the filtration efficiency is over 99%.
Haimanpu filter: completely different from activated carbon, activated carbon is reversible adsorption, and Heimup is irreversible adsorption, its ability to decompose harmful gases is dozens of times stronger; Haimanpu has a service life of up to two years, while general activated carbon only needs a few It is saturated in the month.

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