Whether the air purifier is useful or not, which purifying effect

Whether the air purifier is useful or not, which purifying effect

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With the frequent outbreak of smog, people began to pay attention to respiratory health, pay attention to air quality, and various methods of purifying air. Air purifiers are the hottest. Many people have doubts about whether air purifiers are useful or not. What purification effects are there? Today I will explain for you.

Air purifier, also known as air cleaner, is mainly aimed at improving the air quality of indoor space. The indoor space suffers from a large number of pollutants and is harmful. The air purifier can decompose and convert indoor pollutants to improve indoor air quality. Therefore, it is very necessary to use an air purifier to change the air quality of the indoor space. What purifying effect does the air purifier have?

What are the specific purification effects of the air purifier?

  1. Net taste function: Households who use air purifiers, especially those who choose negative ion air purifiers, generally report that the smell of smoke inside the room is dissipated after the air purifier is turned on. Decoration odors, such as some of the taste of the plate, can also be purified.
  2. Dust removal function: When the air purifier enters the Chinese market, it is to purify the particles of dust, dust, pollen and other particles in the air. It is unceremonious to say that dust removal is the basic configuration of the air purifier, which is beyond doubt. .
  3. Sterilization function: Sterilization is an important function of negative ion purifiers. An air purifier with NDS negative ion function can effectively remove bacteria in the room, especially with UV lamp for double sterilization, and effectively inactivate microbial contamination such as bacteria and viruses in indoor air.
  4. Formaldehyde treatment: The air purifier adsorbs formaldehyde through the adsorption of activated carbon filter, and with the development of science and technology, the treatment methods for formaldehyde are more and more powerful, such as ASNC nano-mineral with adsorption capacity of 9 times that of activated carbon. The crystal adsorption system, together with the formaldehyde decomposition system, forms a new purification mode for adsorption + decomposition.

Of course, even if the air purifier has these functions, we must control the materials from the source to minimize the indoor air pollution source during the renovation. At the same time, in terms of decoration, it should be simplified and avoid excessive decoration. Only a two-pronged approach can better reduce decoration pollution and protect our health.

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