Whether the air purifier removes formaldehyde is a rumor! It used to be wrong…

Whether the air purifier removes formaldehyde is a rumor! It used to be wrong…

After the renovation of the new house, people usually keep the new home well ventilated for a period of time to remove formaldehyde, dust, odor and other decoration pollution. Air wares are used by owners who want to stay in a new home quickly. However, formaldehyde is one of the most stubborn gas pollutions in the room. How long does it take to use air purifiers to remove formaldehyde hazards?

I consulted the relevant indoor environmental management technicians. They pointed out that the newly renovated new house uses an air purifier, and it may not be ideal to clear the check-in in a short period of time. Because if a large number of decoration materials containing formaldehyde are used in the decoration of the house, indoor formaldehyde pollution may be very serious, especially in summer, the higher the temperature, the more important the pollution.

Secondly, these articles containing formaldehyde components release formaldehyde in the form of gas for about 3-15, which is difficult to remove at one time regardless of the method. The purpose of using a formaldehyde-free air purifier is to always control the indoor air formaldehyde concentration within a safe range. The domestic “indoor air quality standard” stipulates that after closing the door and window for one hour, the indoor formaldehyde safety range value is ≤0.08 mg/cubic. However, according to children’s response to formaldehyde, it should be less than 0.06 mg/cubic.

An air purifier in its applicable purification area, the window can be closed and the indoor air can be purified 5 times within 1 hour, which means that the air purifier should be able to control the indoor formaldehyde concentration within 12 minutes. At ≤0.08 mg/cubic.

Therefore, consumers should consult with each other when selecting an air purifier.

In addition, formaldehyde has a system and long-term volatile characteristics, it is recommended to open the air purifier 24 hours.

Air purifiers have long-term opening related questions:

1. Will the air purifier burn out the fan if it is turned on for a long time?

If you are staying in a new home and your family is indoors, it is recommended to open it for a long time to prevent the indoor formaldehyde concentration from exceeding the standard. Most of the air purifiers are protected by a fan, and they will not burn out when they are normally open.

If the family is not indoors, you can keep the room as good as possible, so that the air naturally dilutes indoor formaldehyde pollution.

2. How long does the air purifier change the filter element for a long time?

The current air purifiers are very smart, with a filter reminder function, just replace it according to the reminder.

The naked eye judges the air purifier filter replacement time is to distinguish the color of the filter, from white to black, this process takes about half a year, about a year. However, it cannot be generalized that each brand’s air purifier design is different. In order to extend the service life of the machine and filter element, it is recommended to clean the machine and filter element once for 3 months.

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