Can the air purifier really eliminate formaldehyde? Is this high technology or IQ tax?

Can the air purifier really eliminate formaldehyde? Is this high technology or IQ tax?

The same is the air purifier, how the price is very different?

Haze and formaldehyde have caused people to panic about air quality and health, so air purifiers have gained a foothold in the market.

Some people say that the air purifier market is really too profitable, taking advantage of the public’s panic about smog and formaldehyde, as well as the lack of understanding of the purifier, the price of the sky. The ordinary things are priced at five or six thousand, and some brands even sell the price.

1. What is the internal structure of the air purifier?

According to the internal analysis, the three components constitute a simple air purifier, which is a common filter, HEPA net, deodorizing net.

The first part, the ordinary filter. Similar to the air conditioning filter, it filters coarser particles and can be washed.

The second part, the HEPA net, is also known as the dust net. It is used to filter small particles, bacteria, and other substances, not water.

The third part, deodorizing net. Each brand of this layer has many different names, named high, but the main components are basically activated carbon, many businesses will compound some things to improve performance and extend life. The purpose is to remove odor and harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene.

These three components, together with a plastic case and a fan for air in and out, have become a “high price” purifier. So, the price of four or five thousand or even tens of thousands of things, take a look at it, but it is the composition of these things, do you say that this is the IQ tax?

2. Can the air purifier remove formaldehyde?

After the renovation of the new house, the most troublesome problem is the formaldehyde problem. Some people choose to ventilate for a while, but for the owners who are in urgent need, they will choose the air purifier, because many brands of air purifiers use the slogan of “clearing formaldehyde” to attract consumers, then the air purifier removes formaldehyde. Is it effective?

First of all, if the new house has just been renovated and moved in, don’t expect the air purifier to eliminate formaldehyde in a short time, which is unscientific.

Because during the decoration, many furniture and other materials use a lot of decoration materials containing formaldehyde, the pollution of formaldehyde will be very serious, especially in the summer of high temperature, formaldehyde will be evaporated quickly unless you open dozens of air at the same time. filter.

Second, the release cycle of formaldehyde ranges from 3 to 15 years. Formaldehyde is completely eradicated and can only be controlled within a safe range, and an air purifier can achieve this.

According to the “indoor air quality standards”, after closing the doors and windows for 1 hour, the indoor formaldehyde safety range value is ≤0.08 mg/cubic. However, according to children’s response to formaldehyde, it should be less than 0.06 mg/cubic.

3. How to judge whether the air purifier is qualified?

In the room where the doors and windows are closed, the air purifier controls the indoor formaldehyde concentration to ≤0.08 mg/cubic within 12 minutes to be truly qualified.

In addition, Xiao Bian once again reminds everyone, do not rely on too much and believe that air purifiers can eliminate formaldehyde, the best way to reduce formaldehyde damage is ventilation and green plants.

4. How long does the air purifier open in a day?

If you are staying in a new home and have a family stay indoors, it is best to open it 24 hours and open the air purifier to prevent the formaldehyde concentration from exceeding the standard. Some people will worry about whether the air purifier will burn out. After all, it is a machine. As long as the air purifier you buy is a quality qualified product, it will basically not burn out, because it has the function of thermal protection of the fan.

5. How long does the air purifier change the filter?

It can be replaced according to the color of the filter of the air purifier. If the filter is black, it means that a new filter cartridge needs to be replaced. However, there are also smart air purifiers on the market that automatically remind you to replace the filter cartridges, if you can buy smart products for convenience. The timely replacement of the filter element of the purifier can extend the life of the product and also achieve the purification effect.

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