Why are more and more people loading water purifiers? What are the benefits of water purifiers?

Why are more and more people loading water purifiers? What are the benefits of water purifiers?

Let’s talk about the advantages of several water purifiers. According to your own needs, do not blindly follow the trend, by the way, try not to buy the so-called direct water purifier, most of them are basically pit people, expensive, filter expensive, salespeople generally love exaggeration The actual role of the water purifier.

An ordinary water purifier can filter large particles of impurities, coarse filtration, low price, the average family can accept, an ordinary level 3 household water purifier costs only 300 yuan, and the cost of this water purifier maintenance It is also relatively low, but the filtered water needs to be heated to drink. This combination of water purifiers can be freely matched, generally PP cotton, activated carbon, fibrous activated carbon, glass filter and so on.

Ultrafiltration membrane water purifier, relatively speaking, the flow is relatively large, many merchants claim that the water can be directly consumed, this is wrong, the water needs to be heated to drink, relatively expensive than the ordinary top rated home water purifier, it It is generally an ultrafiltration membrane, but in some areas where water quality is not good, the membrane is prone to blockage.

Reverse osmosis pure water machine, as the name suggests, the core of this top HEPA water purifier is the reverse osmosis membrane, the price is more expensive than the price of the former two species, and it needs electricity, it needs to discharge wastewater, and the cost of use is relatively high. However, the water produced by the reverse osmosis pure water machine can be directly consumed. If you purchase a pure water machine, you do not need to use bottled water. If you need to drink hot water, you need to heat it.

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