Why buy a water purifier?

Why buy water purifier?

Regarding the water purifier, in fact, when we are planning the renovation, we should consider whether or not to install it. If you want to install a water purifier, the most beautiful decoration method is to install it under the sink.
Then we need to install another socket under the sink, and if the water purifier is installed later, it may only be installed on the sink, which will affect the appearance.

Back to the topic, then what we want to discuss this time is, do you want to install a water purifier at home?
Some people feel that it is not necessary, the water flowing out of the water looks very clean, but some people will suggest that you install it, or if you want to install it, let’s take a detailed investigation.

Is the city water not clean?
The water sources for urban water use are reservoirs, rivers, etc. These water sources need to be purified by the waterworks and then transported to various households. The purification process includes sedimentation, filtration, adsorption, and disinfection.
Not to mention whether there will be a lot of impurities or bacteria in the waterworks. The last one, we all know that the water in the water pipes is chlorine.
In addition, we will look at the transportation channel of tap water. The water pipes of the waterworks are not changed for many years, and they will not clean the water pipes. These pipes will accumulate some impurities and bacteria for a long time.
In addition, there are still many old communities and still, use metal pipes. These metal pipes are already rusted, and there may be some rusty particles in the water pipes of their own homes.
Therefore, even if the water coming out of the waterworks is clean, then through these channels, after thousands of households, there will be various hidden problems.

Let’s look at the water plant again. Although the environmental protection pipe is stricter, there are still many water sources that have suffered certain pollution. Some of these heavy metal ions and other pollutants are not easily removed from the waterworks, so the waterworks are inside. Water, there may be some pollution.

The performance of serious pollution of tap water in the home
Usually, when we use water, we may not notice anything at all.
However, if you do not use it for a long time, if you suddenly open the faucet, if the water flowing out at this time is turbid, then your tap water has already suffered some pollution.

The necessity of purchasing a water purifier
Therefore, from the above point of view, basically, the tap water in many cities will suffer a certain degree of pollution. When we look at the water purifier, the merchants may say it is more serious, but it is not unreasonable.
According to different filter grades, the water purifier can be divided into multi-stage water purifiers, such as pp cotton, granular activated carbon, sintered activated carbon, RO membrane, and post-activated carbon.
The purified tap water can reach a higher level of hygiene and protect the family from water pollution such as large particle impurities and heavy metal ions.

The filter replacement frequency of the water purifier can be as low as four months and as many as two or three years. Some households may use a four-month water purifier. When the filter element is replaced, it can be clearly seen. Impurities, this time, you may think that the water purifier installation comparison value.
In the end, for most families, water purifiers are more necessary.
Because we need to drink a lot of water every day, and the quality of water will affect our health. If conditions permit, we recommend that you install a water purifier.

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