Why buy air purifiers? Those things you do not know!

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The current air pollution is seriously endangering human health China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection released the “2008 China’s environmental status announcement” shows that 519 reported cities for the air quality,only 21 cities reach to stardard air quaity, this is only 4% of them.

What’s the function of air cleaner?

Fog haze Statistics show that in 2013 haze spread to 25 provinces, more than 100 large and medium-sized cities, the national average annual haze number of 29.9 days, the highest in 52 years.

  1. Anti-PM2.5. PM2.5 small particle size, rich in a large number of toxic and harmful substances and long stay in the atmosphere, transport distance, and thus on human health and atmospheric environmental quality greater impact.
  2. Anti-formaldehyde. Newly decorated houses with harmful materials, wood-based panels, made of man-made sheet metal furniture, decoration with adhesives, wallpaper, carpets and so on. Small particles in the polluted air will cause harm to human health even greater than the dust storm, was inhaled into the human body will directly enter the bronchial, interfere with the lungs of gas exchange, triggering, including asthma, bronchitis and cardiovascular disease and other diseases. OLANSI recommends the choice of air purification products to consider the the purification capacity of the product as well as the speed of air volume, user-friendly design, the application area and other factors.

Looking at these, do you think air is not important? Can we have good health without air purifier? For our health, just an air purifier will allow you to breathe a clean, purified air and enjoy a healthy life.

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