How to improve the air inside the car? You won’t regret if don’t study.

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In summer, the temperature gradually increased throughout the country, such as steamer outdoor, driving a friend to open the door, a heat wave blowing. But careful you may find that the face of the flash is not just a heat wave, as well as bursts of smell. Is this smell harmful to the human body? How to remove it?

Air pollution in the car, not only will endanger human health, but also to the safety of traffic accidents. With the temperature rising, driving you often dizziness, nausea, sneezing and other symptoms, it is likely that the air quality of the air to blame. The interior space is relatively small, sealed, the pollutants are not volatile, if the car in the sun exposure for more than an hour, the pollutants will multiply. In the high temperature and closed environment, the release of harmful substances is high, and not easy to distribute, if you open the door and smell a strange smell, indicating that the car is the most serious pollution of the time, living in such pollution, A short period of time will make people feel headache, nausea, long this may have on the human body, immune, endocrine and reproductive system have a negative impact.

Improve the air quality inside the car, but very necessary yo ~ Next, teach you a few ways to improve the quality of air it!

1, window ventilation

Driving a window or skylight can open a gap, 1 minute after the closure, the formation of air convection, in a short time can get the air circulation.

Note that the window time should not be too long, the frequency of the window should also be based on their own adaptation.

2, alternating use of air conditioning inside and outside the cycle

Summer driving, do not want to open the window, want to breathe fresh air? The most effective way is to use air conditioning in accordance with the road conditions, “internal / external circulation.” In the road conditions are better, the use of air conditioning “outside the cycle” mode; and in traffic congestion, exhaust emissions of serious sections of the time to switch the “internal circulation” mode Oh ~

3, cleaning air conditioning pipes and air filters

After the car with a long time, air conditioning filter will accumulate a lot of dust above. Harmful to the body of the mold will be blown into the car through the air, to the human body to bring health risks; the same time, too much dust will hinder the intake air, greatly reducing the hot air heating efficiency.

After the summer, we should pay attention to a comprehensive cleaning car air conditioning pipes and air filters. If the air conditioning filter above the dust is too much or have to mold, you have to immediately replace the oh ~

If you completely clean up and replace the new air filter, open the air conditioning or will smell the musty or smell, in the car using the perfect car air conditioning spray net, you can effectively improve the indoor environment, restore fresh air it!

4, regular vacuum

Most of the dust in the car is gathered in the car floor or foot pad, the winter off the window when the hot air, these dust will directly endanger the human body after the respiratory system. In addition, the fabric seat surface is also easy to absorb a lot of dust. Of course, these are just the surface of the dust, we also need the appropriate car air purifier, so as to completely solve the pollution.

Car air purifier

5, regular disinfection

Owners often smoke in the car, or car need to carry more people, it is necessary to pay attention to the regular environment on the car disinfection it!

The car is now basically a lot of family travel essentials, but also led to stay in the car more time, so clean the air inside the car has been urgent, many people buy a car air purifier that can sit back and relax, in fact, air pollution is only car Part of the pollution, usually their own clean is heavy and heavy, so in order to completely solve the car pollution, harm our own machine in the combination.

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