Why do you want to promote the use of air purifiers today?

Why do you want to promote the use of air purifiers today?

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This is because in daily life, oxygen is a necessity for survival. In addition to maintaining good health, fresh air plays a decisive role in the freshness of the mind and the innocence of the skin. However, with industrial pollution and deteriorating ecological environment, air quality has been greatly reduced, and even some northern regions have been affected by great visibility and PM2.5. According to estimates by the World Health Organization, about 2 million people worldwide die prematurely every year because of air pollution, and the indoor PM2.5 concentration caused by excessive decoration and furniture formaldehyde is about 80% of the outdoor concentration. In the face of such a grim situation, how should we respond?

Therefore, the improvement of the indoor air environment is currently the first problem to be solved. As more and more people have already felt the health threat of PM2.5, air purifiers have entered thousands of households, and air purifiers have become an essential life appliances, and they have gradually been promoted.

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