Why do we have to install an air purifier?

Why do we have to install an air purifier?

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Whether it is smog or indoor air pollution will bring our health to maintenance. In the past, we may not be aware of the harm caused by air pollution, but now we understand the seriousness of air pollution through information, we need to install an air purifier. Let’s start by understanding the hazards of air pollution: haze hazards, autumn and winter seasons, the past to see the ash weather, just as a meteorological thing, I do not know that in this environment, the suspended particles in the air exceeds the standard, presenting one State. In the past, smog caused serious illnesses, not only in the United Kingdom, but also in the United States. Because of industrial pollution, the quality of the air environment has become such a hazy weather that causes various respiratory diseases. You can’t ignore the health of your body because the smog is not serious. Especially for sensitive physique, the impact of haze is greater. Indoor formaldehyde hazard. Because they are aware of the dangers of haze, countries have begun to pay attention to environmental protection, but indoor air pollution has always been a place we often overlook, and it is also the area that is currently the most harmful. New home decoration and furniture replacement will cause various air pollution, especially formaldehyde. Moreover, the incubation time of formaldehyde can be as long as ten years, and the damage to the health of the body is also the most serious. Excessive formaldehyde can cause dizziness, vomiting, etc., which can cause death or cancer. During this period of time, because of the excessive indoor formaldehyde in the home, a series of topics have arisen. This shows that the indoor air pollution is very harmful. We need to pay attention to it. Otherwise, it is too late when the damage is caused.

In the face of air pollution, we spend most of our time indoors, so it is necessary to install an air purifier. What are the benefits of having an air purifier: Purify indoor formaldehyde and smog. The air purifier can block the harmful pollution of indoor air through the filter or negative ion technology, such as pm2.5 and formaldehyde, benzene, bacteria, dust, etc., to reduce the indoor formaldehyde content. Now the air purifier can not only remove smog, but also In addition to formaldehyde, high efficiency sterilization, the effect is good. Reduce indoor viruses and bacteria and restore healthy air. Nowadays indoor pollution is not only formaldehyde, but also the spread of bacteria and viruses. To ensure the health of the body, we must breathe healthy air and install an air purifier. Purify the soot. If the kitchen hood in the home is not effective, the fumes are also harmful to the body. Then with an air purifier, you can purify the fumes and reduce the damage.

So how do we choose an air purifier? First, select the air purifier of the HEAP filter. The HEAP filter is currently the best purification filter, which can intercept tiny particles and remove smog and formaldehyde. The effect is very good. Second, choose a good purifier for after-sales service. After the filter of the air purifier is used for a long time, it needs to be replaced after expiration. Therefore, good after-sales support is needed to maintain the purifying effect of the air purifier. Third, choose a premium brand of air purifier. Nowadays, there are some air purifiers on the market that use muddy fish to choose a professional air purifier to ensure the purification effect. Such as air purifier.

Starting from the air purifier, OLANSI began to develop purification technology, especially indoor air purification, combining the filter and negative ions, passive and active purification, to maximize the purification effect of the air purifier.

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