Why is it easy to have haze in autumn and winter?

Why is it easy to have haze in autumn and winter?

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In the past week, the air quality of many cities has been at a moderate level of pollution, and even severe pollution or serious pollution has occurred in individual areas.

For the autumn and winter seasons, there are often foggy days, which makes many people wonder. ‘Why is the air quality in the autumn and winter season always not good? Is the air quality in the spring and summer seasons relatively good, and there are no pollutants in the atmosphere?’

There are many reasons for air pollution, which are related to pollution source emissions, external pollution input, and atmospheric diffusion conditions. In the absence of external pollution input and no increase in pollution source emissions, the main reason for the prone to polluted weather in autumn and winter than in spring and summer is that atmospheric activity is weakened, and pollutants are easy to accumulate, which is not conducive to diffusion.

In general, pollutants diffuse into four ways: atmospheric turbulence (irregular movement of air micelles), convective diffusion, advection diffusion, and strong weather activities (precipitation, high winds, etc.). However, due to the autumn and winter seasons, the above four types of diffusion paths have been reduced, and the inversion layer often appearing in the autumn and winter seasons further makes the atmosphere in a static state, so that the pollutants cannot spread.

The so-called inversion temperature is the cooling effect of the ground radiation, which causes the temperature in the near-surface layer to drop rapidly, while the temperature in the upper layer is slower, and there is a situation in which the foot is heavy. The occurrence of inversion temperature will make the atmosphere extremely stable, which is not conducive to the spread of pollutants. Since the inversion temperature occurs mostly in the autumn and winter seasons, only when the sun rises in the daytime, the inversion layer will be broken as the temperature rises, so the air quality is relatively good in the autumn and winter seasons and at noon during the day.

As for the relatively good air quality in spring and summer, it is still related to the atmospheric diffusion conditions. In spring and summer, the atmospheric movement is more active, the diffusion conditions are better, and the pollutants are easy to disperse.

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