Why should I change the filter regularly?

Why should I change the filter regularly?

The air purifier has a cost of use. In addition to the electricity bill, it mainly comes from the cost of replacing the filter screen. Generally, it is replaced once or twice in one year. But we also need to pay attention to the small common sense of filter replacement, which is convenient for us to use the air purifier better.
For now, air purifiers with active purification technology are popular, as we can see from the list of major e-commerce air purifiers. Then, the choice of an active purifying air purifier needs to face the cost of use, which is the problem of consumables. Many users have a headache for how to clean the air purifier filter.

The air purifier has at least three layers of filters. Usually, the pre-filters are also pre-filters, and the main function is to filter out dust. If the filter screen is dirty during normal use, the user only needs to clean it, and there is no need to replace it regularly.
What needs to be replaced is the HEPA filter. Air purifiers use such filters to significantly increase the efficiency of adsorption of small pollutants. The HEPA network is characterized by air passing freely, but fine particles cannot pass, and it is most effective for pollutants such as smoke, dust, and bacteria. Filter media, related content: Whether the air purifier can filter the oil mist.
The HEPA filter is used for a period of time. The built-in granular activated carbon absorbs a large number of pollutants. Once it exceeds the amount that it can adsorb, it can no longer complete the adsorption work. In terms of image, just like the sponge absorbs water, there is a concept of degree. If it absorbs too much water, it will reach a saturated state, as is the granular activated carbon.

So now the question is coming, how do users judge that the HEPA filter needs to be replaced? In fact, the easiest way is to look at the color. The HEPA filter is pure white in a clean state. After a period of use, it will gradually turn yellow and finally appear black. At this time, the filter needs to be replaced regularly.
As for how long the filter is replaced, there is no clear mandatory rule. This is because each user uses an air purifier product at a different frequency, and the air environment is different. The product with a high frequency of use has a natural time to replace the filter screen.
The price of HEPA filters for household air purifiers ranges from 100-500 yuan. Therefore, when purchasing air purifiers, if you are sensitive to the cost of use, you may wish to search for the price of the filter in the e-commerce platform before purchasing or call the manufacturer to ask for it.
The high-quality filter can intercept finer particles while being effectively ventilated. For example, HEPA has high filtration efficiency, low flow resistance, and can be used continuously for a long time. It is often used as a high-quality filter in air purifiers. For example, in some air purifier filters, H11 medium efficiency filter and H13 high-efficiency filter double HEPA filter paper can be used to filter very small particles as small as PM0.1.
When we buy an air purifier, we must pay attention to the quality of the filter. High-quality filter screen can significantly improve the efficiency, effectiveness and service life of air purification

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