Why would I recommend a water purifier?

Why would I recommend a water purifier?

First, the water on the high floor is not clean
Due to insufficient water supply pressure in the municipal pipe network, only 5-6 floors of water supply can be achieved. That is to say, the water supply above the sixth floor can only use the secondary water supply and pressure equipment to achieve the purpose of water supply. The secondary water supply, the pollution is more serious, the impurities are too much, it is not clean, and it is not suitable for long-term drinking. If you have water purification equipment, the water quality will be clean no matter how high the floor is.

Second, the inconvenience brought by the water dispenser
Drinkers are used in general households, but there are three problems with drinking fountains:
1, the water dispenser should always change the water, trouble;
2, the water dispenser should be cleaned frequently, otherwise, it will easily breed bacteria;
3, the water dispenser must be kept energized all the year-round, power consumption.
If you have household water purification equipment, you can solve the above three problems well.

Third, the safety risks of tap water
If you have an electric kettle in your home, you will find that there are scales after burning a few times. Why? Tap water is too many impurities and is not clean.

If you wake up in the morning and brush your teeth with tap water, you will find that the tap water that you just opened will be a bit yellow or even pungent. Why? Tap water is too many impurities and is not clean.

If you are a tea lover, then the water you are sure to use is mineral water, purified water or filtered water. Why? Tap water is too many impurities and is not clean.

If you are a maintenance-conscious person, you must know that in addition to exercising more, focusing on sleep quality and nutrition, drinking water is also very important. You will definitely not drink tap water. Why? Tap water is too many impurities and not clean?

If there are elderly people and children in the family, it is not recommended to drink tap water for a long time, which is easy to cause stones and gastrointestinal diseases. Why? In addition to the poor stomach of the elderly and children, there is a lot of impurities in the tap water, not clean.

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