Fresh air systems and air purifiers cannot completely replace each other

Fresh air systems and air purifiers cannot completely replace each other

The function of the air purifier is to clean the existing air in the room, while the fresh air system realizes indoor and outdoor air circulation through the exhaust and air supply ducts, and at the same time purifies the air that is sent in, and realizes full heat exchange. Whether it is a fresh air system or an air purifier, the filter is used to clean the air, and the filter screen needs to be replaced regularly. If the replacement is not timely, the risk of secondary pollution will occur.

Therefore, if only from the air purification principle, the air purifier and the fresh air system are the same, whether it is HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, electrostatic dust collection, silver ion purification, negative ion purification, are based on the following principles First, using the principle of inertial collision adsorption, after the change of the direction of airflow movement, the contaminated particles will move linearly under the influence of inertia, and then be absorbed by the filter material. Second, diffusion adsorption, which is carried out by using Brownian motion. An adsorption, the particles from the gas flow to the surface of the fiber, under the influence of static factors, directly adsorbed by the fiber, have a better effect on the filtered gas; third, direct adsorption, the particles in the particle larger than the filter medium adsorption interception, The smaller the pore size, the higher the adsorption efficiency and the better the particle removal rate.

Since the fresh air system and the air purifier use the same air purification technology, can the two completely replace each other?

The air purifier purifies the existing air in the room, causing people to feel a sense of sorrow when the air purifier is turned on for a long time. At this point, window ventilation can make outdoor air pollutants enter the room unobstructed, which is obviously not feasible. The fresh air system can achieve indoor and outdoor air circulation without opening the window, thus reducing the feeling of depression. Although some fresh air systems have the function of purifying the air, in the case of extremely serious air pollution, the filtration capacity of the fresh air system is insufficient, and the air entering the room is still not clean enough. If the filtration capacity of the fresh air system is strengthened, the amount of air sent into the room may be reduced, and the air pressure difference between the indoor and outdoor areas may occur, and the outdoor polluted air will enter the room through the gap between the door and the window.

Although fresh air systems and air purifiers use the same technology for purifying the air, the core functions of the two are not the same. In addition, whether the introduction of outdoor air to achieve ventilation and ventilation is the main difference between the two, which makes the fresh air system and the air purifier can not completely replace each other, only the two complement each other, can maximize indoor air cleaning, enabling people to Breathe quickly.

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