intelligent WIFI air purifier

As the temperature continues to rise, the summer vacation we miss is coming. When the “bear children” completely let themselves go, parents should never forget to pay attention to the safety during the summer vacation.

intelligent WIFI air purifier

intelligent WIFI air purifier

Parents should strengthen their children’s traffic safety education to ensure travel safety, and pay more attention not to leave their children alone in the car, which is prone to accidents. Summer drowning accidents occur frequently. Parents should pay attention not to let children swim in the water without guardianship, nor to go to the water without safety facilities and rescue personnel. Swimming.

In fact, compared with outdoor activities, more children like to stay at home watching TV and playing electric games during the holidays. Parents should teach children some general knowledge of electricity use, and do not let children touch the power supply and wires casually. In addition, if you stay indoors for a long time, the air quality should not be neglected. Small details are more important. Children’s playing time in the room is greatly increased. The breathing safety of the room needs OLANSI children humidifying air purifier OLS-K08A to guard.01

Realization of Intelligent Purification by Human Sense Technology + Children Model

OLS-K8A is a black technology product with super capability. It has dual human feeling technology. It can purify and convey clean air to the master’s moving space through sensors. More intimate children’s model, effective cleaning of children’s activity area 30CM off the ground, is also the main detention area of large particle pollutants, rapid purification of dust and other pollutants caused by baby activities.02

Nano-water ion technology + fog-free humidification

OLS-K08A also uses the latest nano-water ion patented technology, with bactericidal and deodorizing functions, can also inhibit 21 allergens, decompose PM2.5 and so on. At the same time, it also has Panasonic gasification and humidification function, fog-free black technology, humidification area is far beyond the ordinary humidifier, can ensure that all areas of the indoor are evenly and fully humidified.03

Integration of dust collection, deodorization and aldehyde removal

Integration of formaldehyde removal filter, dust collection, deodorization, formaldehyde removal integration, can filter small particles, and has the role of anti-bacterial, bacteriostasis rate of more than 99%, strong air flow to promote the whole room air cycle, so that indoor air lasting fresh and healthy.


User friendly design

OLS-K08A is also very intense in design, with real-time humidity detection, as well as sleep mode, enjoy fresh air while enjoying quiet. The operation panel instructions are clear at a glance, more safe for children to lock and prevent children from mistakenly touching. For you and your family

Unexpected care.

OLS-K08A accompany you and your children to spend this summer vacation happily!


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