About Automobile Air Purifier

About Automobile Air Purifier

Car Purifier

A) Clean and efficient ways

HESA and HEPA technology can completely remove indoor pollutants, and effectively purify particulate pollutants, chemical fumes, bacteria, etc., to provide the purest breathing B for occupants. The effect of completely purifying automobile air is more comprehensive, compared with other traditional methods, such as purifier activated carbon, perfume, orange peel and so on. It creates a complete and healthy indoor breathing space, including gases, particulates, viruses, and bacteria. C) Fashionable and Novelty Gifts

Nowadays, an automobile air purifier can not only significantly reduce the harm of automobile air pollution to human health but also add an excellent cab sensing design to the cabin.

D) Certification bodies, sales assurance, and after-sales improvement

Automotive air purifiers can be certified by many international certifications and verified by professional experiments, and their professional departments have been recognized for their safety and purification capabilities. The guaranteed level is called the perfect car air purifier.

A vehicle-mounted air purifier is suitable for people

Pregnant women: Pregnant women with severe indoor air pollution may suffer from fatigue, dizziness, sweating, dry symptoms, depression and other symptoms. Heart disease adversely affects fetal development. Some children have been pregnant for three years.

Children: With the development of the body, the immune system is relatively fragile, vulnerable to indoor air pollution, resulting in poor immunity, disability, induced blood diseases, increased incidence of asthma in children, children’s intelligence decline. It will decline.

Office worker: Whenever you go to a high-end office, you have an enviable career. But when the thermostat with poor air quality is turned off, it can easily lead to dizziness, wandering, fatigue, mood fluctuations, and other symptoms. Working efficiency can affect and lead to various diseases, and in serious cases can lead to cancer.

Older people: Decreased physical function in the elderly is often caused by various chronic diseases, air pollution, respiratory diseases, such as bronchitis, laryngitis, pneumonia in the elderly, as well as hypertension, heart disease, stroke and so on. Cause cardiovascular disease. It’s too old.

Respiratory diseases: Air pollution leads to a long-term decrease in respiratory function, respiratory symptoms, especially rhinitis, chronic bronchitis, and bronchial asthma.

Driver: Hypoxic vehicle, automobile exhaust

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