New Standard Unified Relative Detection Method

New Standard Unified Relative Detection Method

It is the environmental protection network product standard. The standard is adopted in the new country of “air purifier“. China’s first air network environmental label product standard is based on product design and manufacturing process control. Final waste recovery and product life cycle, product design requirements for easy recovery, pollution control requirements for raw materials, electronic and electrical products, production process control environmental behavior, pm2.5, formaldehyde, benzene, and other major indoor air purification standard pollutants

Standard product design, production, use, waste and recycling, PM2 to final product life cycle management, as well as the standard use process required in the production process for the selection of pollution control requirements for raw materials, electrical and electronic products. 5. The key indicators of formaldehyde, benzene, and other indoor air pollutants purification indicators are put forward strictly. Conditions, but PM2.5, formaldehyde, benzene, and other chambers determine the space with large clean air (CADR) requirements of air pollutants can be clearly applied according to different regions.

Since consumers use air purifiers and focus on the strongest product purification mode to find a sleep purification mode, the standard is not only the maximum CADR value of the product but also the silent CADR value of the state. It also has strict restrictions on product recommendations in this field.

It is understood that the standard of Air-Clean environmental labeling is based on the stricter standard proposed as a new national standard, but in practice, it is a voluntary standard business.

If the new GB standards focus on performance, consumer care products for air purifiers will focus on environmental labels, carbon emissions from recyclable materials, a relevant industry official said. Sustainable development is a crisis for enterprises, but it may also be an opportunity for consumers to implement new standards and improve overall product performance. It works.

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