New Standard: Two Core Air Purifiers

New Standard: Two Core Air Purifiers

With the arrival of peak summer decoration, air filter, which will be a clear four indicators of the impact of clean air purification effect amount, total purification capacity, energy efficiency implemented on March 1 this year hot pioneer in order to remind the evaluation industry, the new national standards play an important role in regulating the market, but also an important standard for consumers to buy.

On the one hand, buy purifier, look at two indicators.

Many electronic stores in the city are not common for consumers who buy air purifiers. From the main road near the living room window, Mr. Wang who lives in the city center, this is inevitable dust and car exhaust pollution, because air filters buy my family more and more just participated in the decoration, many people want to buy.

With the advent of the new national standards, the situation is changing. Experts are participating in the new national standards. Please revise the proposal to purchase air purifiers to find two core standards: clean air volume (CADR value and cumulative clean volume (CCM value) measured by the cleanliness and sustainability of air purifiers. The faster the purification efficiency of the machine, the wider the flexibility, the higher the CMM value, and the longer the service time of the durable machine.

On the other hand, the cost of consumables also includes filters.

Experts recommend that the purchase of non-disposable air purifiers plays an important role, and regular replacement of consumables should also be included in the cost.

At present, the mainstream air purification devices are divided into the filter and electrostatic attraction type, the price is relative to the filter type air purifier, using HEPA filter together, people near the activated carbon filter, small particles, formaldehyde can filter and adsorb benzene, ammonia and other harmful gases.

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