Air purifier purchase, see these 4 values is enough!

Air purifier purchase, see these 4 values is enough!

The air purifier can purify most of the harmful particulate matter in the air to a certain extent to achieve the effect of clean air. As more families value indoor air quality, air purifiers are almost a must for families.

How to choose an air purifier if you want to achieve the best indoor purification effect?

Look at the CADR value
CADR (clean air delivery rate) means “clean air output efficiency”, that is, the volume of air that can be purified per unit time. It is an internationally valuable data indicator for purifying air purifying capacity. The higher the CADR value, the higher the purification efficiency of the purifier. The CADR value determines the core performance of the air purifier and is the most important indicator when purchasing an air purifier, but it is not the only indicator.

Look at the CCM value
CCM (cumulate clean mass) is the cumulative purification amount. The air purifier’s consumables will decrease in performance as the use time increases. CCM means that CCM refers to the cumulative purification of pollutants (particles or The total weight of formaldehyde). The larger the CCM number, the longer the cycle of replacing the filter material, which means that the longer the filter life, the more pollutants the filter will purify during its lifetime.

Look at noise and energy consumption
It is very important that the air purifier is quiet when working. The excessive noise will cause trouble for the daily life of the room. The new national standard divides the noise limit of the air purifier from low to high into 4 files, which will be marked directly in the machine’s outer packaging and in the conspicuous position of the manual.

Users do not blindly pursue the CADR value of the product when purchasing the air purifier. In addition to the air purification efficiency, the high-quality air purifier, the sterilization detoxification ability, the running noise and the maintenance cost of the air purifier itself are also A key factor in determining the quality of an air purifier.
Buy four steps
☑ First, think about your purification needs;
Select the empty net value of the corresponding CADR according to the area;
Compare CCM to understand the empty net filter life (long-term cost of use);
Compare noise conditions, especially sleep silence.

In order to give full play to the effect of the air purifier, pay attention to the correct method when using it.

Placement position

The air purifier is best placed in the middle of the room without affecting the aesthetics of the home. Try not to rely on walls or furniture, or leave the wall more than 1 meter away from use. In addition, since some purifiers also generate traces of harmful gases around them, do not place them too close to the human body.

Open as long as possible

The purifying function of the air purifier takes a certain amount of time to improve the indoor air and to open it for a long time if conditions permit. Some purifiers with timing function can also more conveniently and effectively control the use time of the purifier. In use, the length of the specific opening is determined according to different usage areas.

Replace the filter in time

In the specific use process, the user also needs to pay attention to the purification effect of the air purifier in time. If the purifying effect of the air purifier is found to be reduced, or the odor is turned on after the air purifier is turned on, the filter should be replaced in time. The time for replacing the filter material should refer to the recommendations in the instruction manual, and it is usually better to replace it every six months. In addition, the replacement cycle should be adjusted according to the frequency of use and the severity of air pollution.

Choose the air purifier that is most suitable for the home environment, to ensure the cleanest air quality and create a cleaner home life.

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