Air purifier technology

Air purifier technology

For those who have a direct knowledge of cleanliness, cleanliness technology and the machines used, it is not just the quality of the air purifier that is needed. Understanding second-hand air purifier technology What is the current air purifier technology? What kind of effective purification technology is the best? HEPA filter: One of the most commonly used technologies in air purification. The ability to absorb 99 microns 0.3-micron aerosols (0.3-micron filter size is the most difficult) has the advantages of safety and effectiveness, but the most important technology is to remove particulate pollution in the air, but its drawback is that the design of HEPA air purifier has excellent sealing. Otherwise, the air will bypass the filter and lose its filtering effect.

According to the current application conditions of air purifier purification technology, it can be divided into three types: passive, active, active-passive hybrid fine mechanical filter, electrostatic electret filter, high voltage electrostatic precipitator, negative ion and plasma with HEPA filter, activated carbon, charged ion, photocatalyst. Compared with the HEPA filter, the most commonly used purification technology is usually used in air purifier 4.

Activated Carbon Filter: Activated Carbon Air Purifier is internationally recognized as an early high-adsorption material for gas mask activated carbon adsorption technology: physical adsorption and physical adsorption of organic molecules to chemically adsorbed gaseous polymer pollutants porous structure is adsorbed by activated carbon (such as TVOC such as benzene), mainly chemical adsorption of small molecules such as gaseous pollutants (formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen). Oxides, etc.

Two types of nano-water plasma technology, nano-ion technology, and water purification technology, are mainly used for air filtration. The advantage of nano-water plasma technology is that plasma can help filter particles and kill charged ions adsorbed on the surface. Cluster purification technology is another important species. The air suspended in fungi is released by a device that generates plasma clusters by high voltage discharge. Qualitative same positive and negative groups. Viruses and other harmful substances are degraded to remove the effects of air.

Photocatalytic purification technology: a kind of nano-titanium dioxide with photocatalytic function, which can be expressed together, can degrade toxic gases in the air, but the purification efficiency is very low. Research shows that the photocatalytic process is toxic and it shows the intermediate products in production. From the point of view of dust sterilization, this technology is relatively reliable.

From the above, we can see that the advantages and disadvantages of air purifier technology, mainly HEPA filter, activated carbon filter refining two technical bases, purification technology has more significant advantages.

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