Can daily cleaning methods remove pesticide residues?

Can daily cleaning methods remove pesticide residues?

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And these crops that seriously pollute the cultivated land have quietly approached our lives. According to statistics, most residents only wash their vegetables and fruits, and they will only be washed by tap water. However, tap water can’t remove the chemical fertilizers, pesticides and hormone residues left on the surface of vegetables and fruits. The pesticides, fertilizers and hormone residues in these vegetables and fruits. In this way, we have entered our body and swayed our health.

Is the traditional fruit and vegetable purifier really easy to use?
So more and more fruit and vegetable purifiers come out…..Various, even more indiscriminate! It is impossible to remove pesticides at all! Ozone-functional fruit and vegetable purifiers seem to be harmless, but ozone itself is a harmful gas. Long-term use will not only cause headaches, paralysis of local respiratory organs, but also serious deaths in severe cases! Ultrasonic technology fruit and vegetable purifier, the removal rate is low, and the noise pollution is serious, long-term use may lead to tinnitus, dazzling situation occurs! At present, most of the fruit and vegetable purifiers on the market are cumbersome to use! After washing vegetables, it must be cleaned to wash the meat, and the flow of water cannot be guaranteed during use. The secondary pollution is everywhere!

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