Can the air purifier remove formaldehyde?

Can the air purifier remove formaldehyde?

Just renovated the house, no matter how environmentally friendly the furniture products, there will be residual formaldehyde in the room, and the harm of formaldehyde is self-evident, can cause acute lung disease, long-term inhalation and even cause cancer. Then the air purifier we bought can really remove the notorious formaldehyde?

The answer is: Yes.

But, say a responsible result: not every air purifier can completely remove formaldehyde. The traditional air purifier relies on activated carbon in addition to formaldehyde. Although activated carbon has strong adsorption capacity, benzene, odor, moisture and the like can be adsorbed due to the strong function of activated carbon, so it is very easy to be saturated, resulting in very limited ability to absorb formaldehyde… Once the activated carbon is saturated, if the filter is not replaced in time, the formaldehyde absorbed by the activated carbon may even volatilize into the air.

Therefore, in the face of stubborn formaldehyde, in addition to ventilation, we need to choose a reliable air purifier, or, we need an air purifier specifically for removing formaldehyde.

The air purifiers produced by Olansi completely avoid the shackles of ordinary air purifiers and exhaust the formaldehyde.

4-fold filter multiple-barrier
For the Olansi air purifier, choose 4 heavy filters, which are: primary filter, formaldehyde filter, deodorizing filter, HEPAI filter. 4 heavy protection, avoiding the activated carbon inhaling too much, prematurely saturated.

The activated carbon material is very important
In addition to the main material of the formaldehyde, the filter is still relying on the adsorption of activated carbon. The main problem is the amount and life of activated carbon. The adsorption rate of activated carbon is certain. It is determined by the material and can be invalid if it is full. If it is a thin layer of carbon mesh, it will be saturated if it can’t be sucked. The Olansi air purifier’s 100m3/h formaldehyde cadr value can quickly clean up formaldehyde and other foreign matter.

Smart reminder, change at any time
If the activated carbon is saturated, formaldehyde may re-evaporate into the air. The Olansi Air Purifier has the function of prompting to replace the filter. When the activated carbon is saturated, it can be reminded for the first time, and many dangerous signals can be isolated.

Smart appointment
Most importantly, the Olansi Air Purifier also has a smart appointment function. You can make an appointment and start-up regularly, not only saving electricity but also returning to your home and enjoying the freshest air. You can make reservations for more than just booting, you can also schedule a shutdown, or even adjust to the best sleep mode.

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