Can the purifier be sleeping?

Can the purifier be sleeping?

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The environment in which people live is getting worse and worse. In order to be able to breathe healthy air, many families choose to install an air purifier indoors to regulate indoor air. Due to the first use, there will be many problems during use. For example, can the purifier be able to sleep? It is ok. How to use the indoor purifier to sleep? Let’s take a look at it.

Can the air purifier sleep?

The air purifier can be turned on while sleeping. And it is recommended to drive more healthy during sleep. People also need a good environment when they sleep. High quality air is more conducive to the quality of our sleep, so it is necessary to open the air purifier. The noise of the air purifier is not large, it will not affect people’s sleep when used, and the power of the purifier is only about 80w, even if it is open 24 hours a day, it only costs more than one yuan per day.

How to use the air purifier when sleeping

1.Tune to sleep mode

When you sleep at night, you can turn the air purifier to sleep mode, so you can use the energy saving. The air purifier can’t be too noisy at night, otherwise it will affect people’s sleep, so the most important thing to choose a purifier is to watch it sleep. The mode noise is not big, if it is big, even if it works better, it is not recommended to buy.

2.Close the window when using

The air purifier is not suitable for window use. If the window is opened while sleeping, the outdoor polluted air will continuously enter the room, causing the air purifier to work all the time, which not only wastes electricity, but also does not achieve the purification effect. If you must open it, it is recommended to open only a few windows and let it breathe.

3.Pay attention to the placement position

The air purifier should be placed in a place where the bedroom is not ventilated, and the position should be lower, but not near the wall. This is not only inconvenient for air circulation, but also causes some pollutants in the corner to be sucked into the purifier, if in the summer or When using air conditioners in winter, it is recommended to put them in front of the air conditioner, and close the air inlet to the air conditioner to clean the air.

The above is a related introduction of ‘Can the purifier be open to sleep?’ I believe that everyone has learned that after reading it, the human body’s revolutionary cost, physical health is often the most important. In the use of air purifiers in life, you need to pay attention to the position, and when using the purifier, pay attention to ventilation in the room, otherwise it will not achieve the purification effect and consume electricity.

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