Is the air purifier sleeping?

Is the air purifier sleeping?

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Recently, air quality has become worse and worse, which has endangered people’s health at all times. In this case, people began to pay attention to health and environmental protection. Therefore, when choosing materials for decoration, they will be stricter, and they will choose environmentally friendly materials to install, but Some of the harmful substances can not be removed, the air purifier played a very good role at this time, then the air purifier sleeps well?

Is the air purifier sleeping?

The air purifier can be opened when sleeping. It is beneficial to people’s health when they are sleeping. People need a good environment when they sleep. High-quality air is more conducive to our sleep quality, so air purification It is necessary to turn on the device. And everyone can rest assured that the noise generated by the air purifier is not very large, it will not affect people’s normal sleep, and the purifier power is only about 80w, only need to spend more than one yuan a day.

When can the air purifier be on?

You can choose to open all year round, as long as the air is not good, you can keep it open, whether it is day or night. Turn off the air purifier when you go out to work, and come back to work immediately. Because the urban environment is relatively poor now, there will be a lot of bacteria and dust in the outdoor air and other pollutants. If some harmful substances in the air enter people’s bodies, people will get sick. Even if the windows are not opened frequently, the bacteria generated in the room or the formaldehyde gas emissions from the furniture will degrade the indoor air quality. So if you have the conditions, you can always open the air purifier.

After everyone rests in the evening, they will habitually close the window, so that the air will not circulate, and some harmful substances generated indoors will not be well distributed. Such substances flow more than open windows. The substance is so much serious that people will get sick if they suck in this substance while sleeping, so it is recommended that you open an air purifier at night.

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