China Air Purifier: You should consider air quality monitor

China Air Purifier: You should consider air quality monitor

People are becoming more and more health-conscious, but while most people are working on fine-tuning their diet or setting up a training program, more and more people worry about air quality. They breathe through the use of monitoring of air quality. And rightly so. As we have long mentioned in the past, there are many factors that pollute the air we breathe, and air quality in the United States is by no means the healthiest compared to other countries. We are making progress to take better precautions.

Many companies are trying to educate consumers about air quality, while most of these air quality controllers seem to combine the intuition of air quality and other features, but often provide very valuable information. on inside and outside the particle level and even offer tips. Precautions for unhealthy air.

In order for everyone concerned with the quality of their air to find the right way to improve their health and prevent their poor quality of life from affecting their healthy lifestyle, we have provided the five air quality auditors. following that everyone should add to his routine.

Birdi ($ 119)

With the slogan “Better Than a Smoke Detector,” consumers can expect this air quality monitor to provide them with security in many ways. With sensors that monitor much more than just fire hazards, this sleek ceiling device can be installed directly on the user’s smartphone when there are unusual levels of air pollution, pollen, dust or carbon monoxide.

Pre-orderable on

BreezoMeter (Free Download)

Unlike many other air quality monitors, the BreezoMeter is based solely on your smartphone: this award-winning app shows real-time users the air quality in their area and delivers quality air to their neighborhood, street, city or state. The smart app warns users when conditions increase and provide personalized health recommendations to downloaded users. This information can be used to take the necessary precautions to avoid areas of poor air quality and maintain healthy indoor air by avoiding the detection of airborne pollutants.

Coming soon available for download on Google Play from the Apple App Store.

Foobot ($ 169)

Unlike other air quality monitors on this list, this unit is designed solely to improve indoor air quality. This healthy living add-on, featuring high-tech sensors that analyze your home or office, uses advanced algorithms to alert users when they detect increasing levels of pollutants. Even better, Foobot gives users concrete suggestions that will lead them to healthier habitats. For example, if the dust concentration is too high, users will receive a warning message on their smartphone prompting them to open a window, or if VOC concentrations are of concern, they can use the application to stop using products. cleaning.

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Dylos DC1100 ($ 199)

Dylos Corporation’s DC1100 air quality monitor is not as pretty as other competing models but offers everything. This portable device is equipped with a true laser particle counter and has two different readings that can measure the content of two small particles (allergies, dust, bacteria, mold, etc.) and large particles (pollen, dust, etc.), Provides air quality measurements up to 30 days before the last test.

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CubeSensors ($ 299- $ 599)

CubeSensors is small enough to fit in your hand and offers many uses that can positively impact the health and lifestyle of your family or employees. These portable air quality monitors are equipped with seven powerful sensors and sensitize the user for indoor air. Pollution levels, ambient temperatures, humidity/moisture levels, noise levels and barometric pressure in packets to two, four or six recommend users to add one per recommendation.

If you find that the quality of your air is poor, consider using our Olansi Purifier for cleaning.

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