Do you know common facial skin problems?

Do you know common facial skin problems?

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18: Skin oil, skin appears
28: pigmentation, changes in skin characteristics, changes in skin characteristics at the chin, upper eyelids begin to relax
38: The eye circle appears, the area becomes larger; the depth crow’s feet and the Sichuan word appear; the pigmentation is uneven; the chin contour continues to become blurred.
48: There is a significant change in the corner of the mouth; the color spots become deeper and larger; the neck becomes significantly looser
58: The lower part of the face becomes slack; the upper eyelid is obviously sunken; the skin is changed at the neck and chin, and the clinical features of each aging are deepening.
68: wrinkles continue to deepen, facial contours gradually disappear

The root cause: wrinkles, aging, spots, pigments, etc. of the skin, in the final analysis, is the erosion of harmful substances in the body and in vitro.
Free radicals are a kind of very active and highly oxidizing chemical substance, also called active oxygen, produced by human cells during metabolism. Free radicals attack life macromolecules can cause damage to cell tissue, leading to water shortage, disease and aging in human skin.

Free radicals, restore baby bombs
Olansi hydrogen-rich skin rejuvenation instrument
High-efficiency hydrogen production: ≥1000ppb hydrogen-rich, small molecule water, high purity, easy to absorb
Negative potential small molecule water: -200~0 negative potential, high solubility, strong penetrability, remove skin peroxide free radicals
Long-acting electrolysis: ≥ 20 times of electrolysis, 2 minutes of electrolysis time, titanium platinum electrolytic sheet, 400mAh battery capacity
High quality spray head: quick hydration
High cost performance: free water supply, one-time consumption of long-term hydration, high value, small size and large capacity
Safety and security: waterproof, IPX4, not afraid of water splashing, ABS material is safer and safer, can be used by infants and pregnant women

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