‘Hydrogen’ anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation

‘Hydrogen’ anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation

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Hydrogen eliminates harmful malignant free radicals, including hydroxyl radicals and nitrite anions, through selective antioxidant action. Scavenging oxygen free radicals is also the most fundamental way to alleviate inflammation.

Selective antioxidant effects are specifically manifested as cosmetic anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-radiation, anti-fatigue, anti-apoptosis, metabolic regulation, immune regulation, tissue repair.

Delay aging, remove free radicals
Through the cell membrane, the cells invaded by reactive oxygen species are restored to the original state, thereby resisting aging, and fundamentally a cosmetic effect.

Olansi hydrogen-rich skin rejuvenation instrument
High-efficiency hydrogen production: ≥1000ppb hydrogen-rich, small molecule water, high purity, easy to absorb

Negative potential small molecule water: -200~0 negative potential, high solubility, strong penetrability, remove skin peroxide free radicals

Long-acting electrolysis: ≥ 20 times of electrolysis, 2 minutes of electrolysis time, titanium platinum electrolytic sheet, 400mAh battery capacity

High quality spray head: quick hydration

High cost performance: free water supply, one-time consumption of long-term hydration, high value, small size and large capacity

Safety and security: waterproof, IPX4, not afraid of water splashing, ABS material is safer and safer, can be used by infants and pregnant women

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