Do you know? Eight factors that cause indoor air pollution, you can’t ignore it!

Do you know? Eight factors that cause indoor air pollution, you can’t ignore it!

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Indoor air quality must be a concern for everyone. Whether there is a strange smell in the room or some gas that has no strange taste will slowly eat into the human health state in the dark, then there are several reasons for indoor air pollution. what?

The first one is commonly used insecticides or disinfectant supplies. Although it is not very eye-catching, it may also produce volatile harmful substances indoors through chemical action, causing pollution to indoor air.

The second type is the decoration building materials or paints left after the decoration. I believe everyone has heard of formaldehyde, but CO, CO2, HCHO, CH3COCH3 also contain carcinogens such as HCHO in the composite board adhesive, so Xiaobian It is recommended that everyone wait for the new house to be renovated in the new house two months after the completion of the renovation, more effective volatility of toxic substances.

The third type is nicotine. The smokers in the house will cause harm to the human body regardless of whether they are first-hand or second-hand smoke. At the same time, the burning of cigarettes will also produce harmful substances such as CO, HCHO, CH3COCH3, which is also the reason for the increase of indoor aerosol concentration.

The fourth possibility is that most of the students do not have a home. That is the printer. The printer produces ozone. Ozone is an irritating gas that is very irritating to the eyes and respiratory tract. If it itself has asthma or respiratory diseases, the ozone is irritating. May aggravate symptoms

The fifth type is paint, which mainly produces formaldehyde, but the formaldehyde in the old house should be almost gone. The new house still needs to wait 2 months to volatilize most of the formaldehyde.

The sixth kind is that when you cook, or use a small sun to warm, it will increase the production of carbon monoxide and other substances, reduce the oxygen content of the air, long-term reduction of oxygen content may cause chest tightness and shortness of breath and other symptoms, so Xiaobian recommended cooking When making food, it is still open to the window, and it is best to circulate with outdoor air.

The seventh type is small creatures. For example, if you do not clean the wet area for a long time, it will produce microorganisms such as pathogenic bacteria or dust mites. Pay more attention to clean and humid places, and completely eliminate their living environment.

The eighth type is air pollution from the outside, such as the house around the factory or try not to open the window, or open the window near the road with large traffic flow will reduce the air quality. Compared with the above points, the gas emitted by the factory is more likely to cause Dust and other diseases.

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