How to purify indoor air and avoid pollution?

How to purify indoor air and avoid pollution?

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In the face of this “invisible killer”, simply opening the window ventilation may not be useful, and the wrong living habits will make the indoor air pollution worse than the outdoor! In order to effectively improve indoor air quality, the following points need to be achieved.

The first is to master the correct window ventilation method, avoiding traffic peaks and dust when the outdoor air pollution is not very serious, and open the window twice a day for 20-40 minutes. But the question is coming. How can we compare the air in the indoor and outdoor areas? Is it guaranteed to open the window and ventilate instead of opening the window?

Second, choosing a professional air purifier is an extremely effective method. There are many types of air purifiers on the market today, and the performance is also uneven. When consumers purchase, they can focus on the purification efficiency of the product and the service life of the filter.

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