Good air, visible

Good air, visible

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Nowadays, many people talk about PM2.5 color change, why? Because the air quality is getting worse, the mask has become a must-have item. What’s worse, the air problem has also extended into the home, so the purifier has almost become a necessity, and the air purifiers on the market have sprung up. How do we compare Olansi’s K15A air purifier?


With a simple and stylish appearance, the white color is suitable for any position in the home. The design of the straight barrel style has four universal wheels at the bottom, which is very convenient to move, compared to those of the fixed type. For the device, it is much more flexible. The top has a large air outlet, and the purified air is discharged from the top. Similarly, the large area means that the air volume (fresh air) will increase.

At the bottom of the K15A, there are four universal wheels, which are much more flexible than the fixed purifier. Which room needs to purify the air, push it directly there, and don’t worry about the children at home, because K15A With the child lock and pressing the two buttons of wind speed and mode, the child lock mode will be activated. At this time, even if the child (including the adult) clicks, no operation can be performed. In addition, if the top cover of the K15A is turned on after power-on, the machine will automatically power off to prevent some safety hazards. After all, these years have also seen many tragedies caused by leakage of such household appliances. And after removing the cover, take it directly to the faucet and rinse it. It is very convenient to clean. Look inside, there is a layer of net fixed below, it can also play a role in preventing children from reaching out and moving.

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