How to choose a hydrogen-rich water machine with excellent performance, safety and reliability?

How to choose a hydrogen-rich water machine with excellent performance, safety and reliability?

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Rich hydrogen products are dazzling, each said good, consumers are difficult to adapt. Effective and safe hydrogen-rich products must: 1, the concentration of 1200ppb or more, 2, no chemical by-products, such as SPE membrane electrolysis hydrogen. 3, must be made of molecular hydrogen, hydrogen and oxygen separation technology. 4. Instantaneous hydrogen production and continuous hydrogen production are the most reliable. 5. Heating function is critical.

According to the drinking hydrogen water standard issued by the International Hydrogen Standards Committee (IHSA), the hydrogen content of the hydrogen-rich water machine must be above 1200 pp, which is 1.2 ppm or more. Any hydrogen-rich water machine smaller than this data is ineffective for the human body. Some merchants may say that his machine has a hydrogen content of only 300 ppb, but he can absorb more hydrogen by drinking more than 3 liters of water a day. Medical research has shown that drinking water below 1200 ppb is not beneficial to the human body. The key is concentration!

The pH of the hydrogen-rich water must be between 7.0 and 9.5. Many merchants exaggerate the effect of alkaline water. The founder of the American acid-base balance theory has been questioned. Alkaline too strong ph greater than 9.5 will cause harm to the human body, causing an excessive burden on the kidneys and stomach, which is counterproductive. The medical effect of alkaline water is only suitable for patients with certain special problems rather than ordinary people.

Must pass the safety test. As it is difficult for ordinary people to do professional tests, it is very necessary and easy to understand how hydrogen-rich water machines are used to produce hydrogen. SPE membrane electrolysis is considered to be the safest and most reliable method. Traditional strong electrolysis can convert chlorine into chlorine, as well as heavy metals. However, chemical methods such as hydrogen magnesium rods or ceramic sheets produce hydrogen, and their chemical reactants will cause harm to the human body, which deserves attention. Therefore, in the non-SPE membrane electrolysis hydrogen production, we must know how the machine eliminates chlorine, chlorine and heavy metals.

It must be molecular hydrogen, that is, hydrogen. Rather than hydrogen ions, negative hydrogen ions, hydrogen atoms, etc. Medicine has confirmed that only molecular hydrogen can be reductive, in order to eliminate free radicals, and to prevent and treat more than 200 diseases caused by free radicals. Many businesses are also promoting hydrogen atoms and negative hydrogen atoms to deceive consumers.

It must produce 1200 ppb of hydrogen molecules in a certain period of time. Equipment that can produce 1L of water in 1 minute and its concentration reaches 1200ppb or more is authorized by IHSA. Equipment that is too slow to produce hydrogen is ineffective.

It must be separated by hydrogen and oxygen. We say that safety, hydrogen and oxygen separation is also an important technical means. Whether it is a hydrogen-rich cup or a hydrogen-rich water machine, consumers can understand where the ozone and oxygen are after electrolysis. Manufacturers should also have a reasonable explanation. This involves the technical means to be taken. For those filter-type water purifiers that generate hydrogen through hydrogen-rich balls, and water machines that produce water and produce a large amount of acidic wastewater, hydrogen and oxygen separation cannot be achieved. That is to say they are not safe. And many hydrogen-rich cups do not have hydrogen and oxygen separation. Hydrogen and oxygen are not separated, and ozone, oxygen, etc. are all in hydrogen-rich water. Harmful to the human body. The smell of ozone that is easy to perceive is evidence.

Hydrogen retention time. Some hydrogen-rich water machines have a slow water flow rate and a small flow rate. Some of the electrolysis tanks are controlled at 400-600 ml/min, so that the hydrogen-producing water flow rate is between 130-220 ml. When you first start testing, the hydrogen concentration may reach 1200 ppb or more. But after a cup of water is filled, or after waiting for 3 minutes, the hydrogen concentration drops linearly. When we test with a hydrogen-rich pen, we will see the data continue to drop. Such a hydrogen-rich water machine, like drinking fire when we drink, must drink it as soon as possible. A little later, the concentration is less than 1200 ppb, which means it is invalid.

Whether 100% instantaneous hydrogen production. Many hydrogen-rich water machines use cumulative hydrogen production or cumulative hydrogen production combined with instantaneous hydrogen production because of equipment size and cost control. When the merchant demonstrates the hydrogen-rich concentration, we may see data above 1200 ppb. But this data is often very low when you actually use it. For example, some merchants put electrodes in a pure water tank. The electrode is always working when there is no water, which is similar to a hydrogen-rich cup. The hydrogen concentration continues to accumulate. When you use up the water in the pure water tank and put the new water again, the hydrogen concentration is low, which is far less than 1200ppb. So as consumers, we need to know the way the machine produces hydrogen. Whether it is hydrogen production in a pure water tank or instantaneous hydrogen production, or instantaneous hydrogen production combined with hydrogen produced in a pure water tank. Only an instantaneous hydrogen production concentration of 1200 ppb or more is the ideal product.

Is it possible to produce hydrogen continuously? The vast majority of hydrogen-rich water producers in the market use static electrolysis to produce hydrogen. For example, a hydrogen-rich water cup, it takes a few minutes to prepare a cup of 300 ml of hydrogen-rich water. Some hydrogen-rich kettles are used to make 1 L of water. It takes half an hour. Although such hydrogen-rich water equipment can meet the standard, it is not practical, and it is not able to continuously produce hydrogen-rich water. It can not meet the needs of all-round water use, such as cooking, washing, beauty, etc. .

It is necessary to drink 1.2 mg of hydrogen every day to have a significant effect on the human body. That is to drink 1000ml of hydrogen-rich water with a concentration of 1200ppb or more. We can drink 500ml of 1600ppb hydrogen-rich water to achieve the same effect. However, it is not possible to drink 2000 ml of hydrogen-rich water at a concentration of 600 ppb. Because the concentration of the latter is not enough, it is ineffective for the human body.

The heating function is critical. Hydrogen molecules are highly penetrating and have a good elimination of free radicals inside the cells. However, hydrogen-rich water should not be heated. After heating, hydrogen molecules will escape. If heated to boiling, hydrogen has almost completely evaporated and escaped. Therefore, if you need to drink hot water, the hydrogen-rich water machine with heating function is very practical. There is a hydrogen-rich water machine on the market, which can be heated instantly and then hydrogen. The hydrogen-rich hydrogen concentration in the system is not lossy.

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