How to stay healthy when air quality is poor

How to stay healthy when air quality is poor

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  1. Avoid time period exercise: 9:00 in the morning and 5 in the evening, the number of bacteria in the air is the highest, plus this time is the highest peak of work, dust, and the air environment is still very poor. Special attention is paid to the fact that in addition to wearing a mask, don’t forget to wash your mouth and nose and eat more fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C!
  2. Regularly change household items: sofa sets and curtains in household items should be washed frequently, and wipe the table and chairs with water to increase the humidity of the air. This will help reduce the fine particles in the house. Floating in the air. The bedding package in the bedroom space can also be wiped and cleaned with a wet towel to absorb fine dust from the air.
  3. Actively clean the nasal cavity: use special utensils and preparations (most commonly saline) to clean the nasal cavity, help keep the nasal cavity clean, remove bacteria, viruses and allergens accumulated in the nasal cavity, relieve nasal congestion and edema, and restore the normal function of the nasal cavity.
  4. When the air is not good, open the window less: when the air quality is poor, closing the window can reduce the intrusion of particulate matter in the outdoor air. However, the long-term closed environment will cause the indoor floating matter concentration to exceed the standard, the bacterial content to increase and the oxygen content. reduce. Therefore, the correct approach should be to open the window at the right time. Just avoid the traffic peaks in the morning and evening and the dust caused by the wind. Under the static wind conditions, the window can be ventilated 2-3 times a day. If you are worried about excessive pollution, you can hang a wet towel near the window when opening the window to filter and adsorb.
  5. Install an air purifier: The air purifier has functions such as purifying air, sterilizing, eliminating static electricity, and biological effects. After use, the air becomes very fresh, which can reduce various air pollution and bring you a comfortable environment.

When you have poor air quality, remember to keep your health in order to stay healthy.

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