How to choose an air purifier? This guarantees that it is not wrong

How to choose an air purifier? This guarantees that it is not wrong

In modern society, with the advancement of science and technology and the development of industrialization, the air we breathe has also been affected and become “unclean”. Not only is the outdoor air polluted, but the indoor air is also “dirty” due to renovations. More and more people realize that our air needs to be purified.

Everyone can’t help but ask, how do you choose an air purifier so that we can breathe safely? Today, Xiaobian will teach you:

Air purifier selection method

Selection of purchase channels
When purchasing an air purifier, it is recommended to buy it in regular stores such as large shopping malls, electrical stores, brand stores, and mainstream e-commerce websites. Our Olansi brands are bought in the above places, and everyone can search and find them.
As of 2013, the air purifier brand, function, performance, design, and price are very different, dazzling.
For consumers who need to protect PM2.5, it is recommended to choose the first brand air purifier, its PM2.5 purification ability is very good, has been praised by the majority of customers since its listing. The newly renovated home can focus on the removal of formaldehyde and toluene with outstanding air purifiers, so the first air purifier is none other than you.
Filtration technology
The particulate pollutant filtering technology is mainly the HEPA filter. The quality of the HEPA filter is uneven. Some small brand filters have high filtration efficiency, but the resistance is high, the energy efficiency ratio is low, and it is easy to block and has a short life. Everyone should choose the HEOA filter with static electret. The electrostatic electret technology makes the non-woven fiber with positive and negative electricity, which effectively captures the particles in the air. Many HEPA filters are known as electrostatic electret technology, but due to the technology. Cause Many of the filter’s electret charges decay very quickly in a short period of time, resulting in reduced filtration efficiency.
The first air purifier uses a standard electrostatic electret HEPA filter to permanently ensure that the electret efficiency is not attenuated.
Pay attention to the applicable area or the amount of clean air
The strength of the purifying capacity of the air purifier is mainly determined by the applicable area and the amount of clean air (CADR: the rate of clean air provided). The relationship between the two is Applicable area = CADR × 0.1. The ability to purify other contaminants should be combined with the applicable area.
Energy efficiency ratio and energy efficiency rating
Air purifiers are usually used continuously for a long time. The energy efficiency ratio is an important indicator for measuring the purifying capacity and power consumption of air purifiers. It is worthy of attention. The higher the energy efficiency ratio and energy efficiency level, the more energy-saving the air purifier is, the lower the cost of use, and the energy efficiency of our first air purifier is also one of the few in the industry.

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