How to keep indoor air fresh

How to keep indoor air fresh

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Please pay attention to indoor ventilation when the weather is good, because ventilation can make the indoor air circulation update, so when the weather is good, you can often open the window to ventilate and breathe. At this time, you can also clean the room, clean up the house, and clean the dust inside.

First of all, when cleaning indoor hygiene, be sure to clean the dust, otherwise it will inevitably raise dust when we are active; secondly, there should be no deteriorating things, because these things are easy to cause mildew and pollute the air. Opening the windows in good weather not only allows fresh air to enter the room, but also gives you a good mood.

When the room smells, we often use the method of spraying air freshener to forcibly cover the indoor odor. However, here we suggest that you first find the source of the odor, then open the window to ventilate, then spray the air freshener. If the source of odor is not treated, the air pollution will be aggravated.

Remind everyone to close the window to isolate the effects of dirty air in smog weather with severe air pollution. It is also possible to cultivate some green plants indoors to purify indoor air, such as potted plants such as cactus and tigertail.

If you encounter a season with more smog weather, such as autumn and winter, then there is less chance of opening the window, and you can also use the air purifier to purify the air.

It is also recommended that you try to avoid smoking indoors. Although it is not easy for smokers to quit smoking immediately, at least they should let their families smoke less secondhand smoke.

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