What if the air quality in the home is poor?

What if the air quality in the home is poor?

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Home is our most important harbor. People spend at least one-third of their lives at home, so the quality of their homes directly affects the quality of our lives.

The comfortable living environment not only brings us a happy mood, but also enhances the quality of our lives. Therefore, it is very important to keep the air in the home fresh and healthy. It can be seriously polluted now, all kinds of decoration materials, furniture and Daily necessities will emit harmful gases.

Therefore, a seemingly clean home, in fact, the air is full of all kinds of harmful gases, so to improve this situation, today we will give you a few small tricks that can purify indoor air in daily life!

  1. Plant some aloe vera indoors

Aloe vera, monocotyledon, is called ‘air pollution alarm’. When the harmful gas in the air exceeds a certain limit, brown or black spots appear on the leaves of aloe vera at this time, which is equivalent to issuing an alarm. The air quality in your home is already very worrying.

Not only that, Aloe is also known as the natural air purifier, the effect of purifying the air is very obvious, whether it is day or night, it can absorb indoor carbon dioxide and some harmful gases, and even adsorb some suspended particles in the air.

  1. Place two basins of cold water into the house

There are many people’s rooms that may have just been renovated. In some places, the paint is painted. The annoying thing is that the paint brush is finished for several days, but the irritating taste is delayed. At this time, everyone only needs to put two basins of cold water indoors. The paint will disappear in 2 days, and the onion can be soaked in the basin. The effect is also very good.

  1. Use black tea to soak water to remove indoor formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is the most harmful gas in indoors, and it is a high carcinogen. To reduce the formaldehyde content in the room, you can prepare two pots of hot water and pour 300g of black tea into the room and continue to open the window for ventilation. After 48 hours, pour the water. Dropping will significantly reduce the formaldehyde content in the room.

  1. Activated carbon adsorption method

Activated carbon is an internationally recognized drug addict. Activated carbon masks and gas masks use activated carbon. Because of its physical properties, it has a large adsorption capacity. Bamboo charcoal is a kind of adsorption that is more than 2-3 times stronger than the general charcoal adsorption capacity found in recent years. The substance is also very suitable for adsorbing harmful substances in the house.

You can buy 800 grams of activated carbon or bamboo charcoal, divide it into 8 small dishes and put 2 or 3 small plates in each room. After a while, you will find that the indoor air quality has changed significantly. Some indoors. The irritating odor will obviously disappear.

The above is a few tips for purifying indoor air quality in life. Everyone who tries at home will greatly improve their home environment.

However, it is important to remind everyone that although these small coups work well, indoor air purification is a long-term process. For example, the formaldehyde release in home decoration is usually 3 to 15 years, and some harmful gases are difficult to remove, so These coups still can’t completely purify the air. To make the air quality reach the standard completely, to make the indoor air fresh and healthy, it is necessary to install a fully functional air purifier indoors.

The air purifier has multiple functions of filtering, removing harmful substances such as PM2.5, and releasing negative ions, so that we can breathe fresh and clean air indoors.

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