How to use air purifiers better?

How to use air purifiers better?

The air purifier has become a very popular small household appliances, in order to provide reduced air quality in modern society, to provide a comfortable, environmentally friendly and healthy family environment. However, the use of inappropriate methods may lead to secondary pollution! But it also affects life and performance.

The best air purifier for more than 24 hours at home to meet the various reasons of most users, such as worrying about tired (dirty and rustic) machines, excessive noise and so on. For four or five hours in the wind, people come home and think they will be able to go out and purify the air. Manipulate the boot gear to prevent pollution from rising. In addition, open for 4 or 5 hours at home to slightly pollute, so that you shut down, high pollution, instability, never off the line. Reliable household air purifiers are designed to provide power for a long time as a prerequisite, so open and confident.

Each has an air purifier designed specifically for its area of use, which is designed to count existing high-rise apartments based on 2.6 meters, or if your home is a duplex villa and becomes a carriage, it does not reflect the purifying capacity of the air purifier.

In most cases, the air purifier of filtration technology, we need to blow around the aspirator, filter and blow out, if you put it in the corner, the placement of the machine is very important it will. When inhaled, its purification ability is greatly reduced, especially during the healing period, especially attention should be paid to the safety of electric power. Everything would be better if it was in a central room.

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